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Anyone ride a spit with Quad + Nubster?

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  • Anyone ride a spit with Quad + Nubster?

    Just got back off a trip to Cabo and rented a traditional PU thruster down there. Made me remember that a thruster is best for juicier surf (which we don't often have in southern Calif). I had a 5 fin griffin Modfish that I really liked because it seemed to be the best of both worlds (quad and thruster, almost as fast as a quad, and had better pivot and back side surfability like a thruster). I have been doing a lot of research on the Von Sol Nubster or the FCS "Knubster". Rainbow fin company (RFC) does one as well, but it looks a little bigger, which i dont want. In doing the research, it sounds like this fin does a lot of the same things a 5 fin Griffin Modfish does. Kelly has used the Nubster in 3 events and won all 3, so it has to be somewhat legit.

    Anyone try this set up on the Spit or Dom?


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    I think there is a thread on the nubster in the fin talk/FCS section. I have one but haven't used it yet as I am riding my boards as thrusters.(except my SP of course)