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Anyone ridding the spit as a 5 fin?

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  • Anyone ridding the spit as a 5 fin?

    I just got a 6'4" with futures fin set up. Coming from a 6'3" Griffin Modfish, I really liked how that board could turn kind of like a thruster but fly down the line like a quad. Sort of the best of both worlds. I know the Griffin-philes will make us believe that this is ONLY possible with the G10 hand foiled 5 fin set up on a matched Griffin Modfish board, I'd like to think we could accomplish something similar.

    The difference in fin placement might be an issue, as the Modfish rear fins are in a prefect row, while the Spitfire, the rear center is more towards the back. Seems like an easy solution if there is a small center fin that matches the rear quad in design, but in just a slightly more forward position, if that makes sense?

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    I'd try it with a Nubster.

    I know Steve England, Carve mag UK's Editor, was riding a Dominator with 5 fins in pumping Porthleven barrels. I think when looking for turns it'd make the board stiff but if you want loads of drive and hold in barrels 5 fins could be fun. For the best of a quad and thruster on a non GG design it sounds like an upright quad set with a nubster is the way forward.


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      Hey barney
      I have my 5'6" spit as a quad with a von sol knub as a 5th find.
      It gives it a bit more hold in turns and on steep take offs keeps the tail from sliding down the face since it is fairly wide.
      Give them a try as they aren't too costly, really made my spit more enjoyable, especially when it gets a bit bigger and punchy.


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        Yes R2s with a small stabiliser
        this is a picture of it in my dominator but I'm riding the same in the spitfire


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          yeah good stuff everyone. I will add, however, that knubs DEFINITELY add noticeable drag so remember to go to the 4 + knub set in better/punchier surf to get the full benefits of the setup.



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            Thanks for the tip Chris!