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Spitfire vs dominator vs potatonator - 6.3 / 88kgs / avg waves

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  • Spitfire vs dominator vs potatonator - 6.3 / 88kgs / avg waves

    Hi all,
    Looking to narrow down between what board would be best suited between spitfire, dominator or potatonator.

    Im looking for an all round 1 board quiver. Most waves i surf are 1-4 foot max, sometimes fat, sometimes mushy, sometimes ok, always wetty, normally a 2x2/4x3.

    Originally i was thinking potatonator but then thought this might be just a replacement for the quad i have which is 5.11 x 20 3/4 x 2 1/2 and would like something that is able to perform in the knee high stuff and also when it gets a bit bigger, sometimes a bit steeper. From what ive heard potatonator great for small waves but when it gets a bit bigger another hybrid might be better.

    Then i though dominator was the go, but after a few vids and reading seems that the tail on the dom is suited to long arching surfers and can sometimes get caught up in the lip a bit. Still heard some amazing things about these.

    Then one of the firewire aus reps said have a look at spitfire. At this stage thiking 6.2 spitfire to replace my quad and 6.3 standard shortboard. Something for a go to board for any type of waves (not 8 foot reefs obviously).

    Firstly, whats peoples thoughts on the three boards above, secondly dimensions for a reasonably paddle fit 6.3 x 88kgs fella.

    Thanks for ya help.


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    I'd say the 510 Potatonator would be good for the smaller stuff right up to shoulder high as long as it's not barrelling top to bottom. The Spitfire in the 600 range would have you covered from waisthigh up to overhead conditions but it won't be quite as easy in the small stuff as the Potatonator.
    If you're looking at two boards I'd go Potatonator and then maybe something like the 600 Hellfire, 603 HellRazor or 602 Alternator. If you want one board to do as much as possible I'd go Spitfire.


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      I reckon either a Spitfire or Dom would be ideal @ 6'0" or 6'2". I'd put you on the 6'2" but most others would put you on. 6'0".

      Just finished a morning surf and there was no hanging up in the lip on it. The turns are rounded, but not elongated. Surf was waist to head high, which is ideal for the Dom.


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        Hey pipe i agree with prj, i am 5kgs less than you and surf a 6 foot spitfire in the wave conditions you describe, i owned a 6 foot dom before and i cannot describe in words accurately how much better the spitfire is in all conditions. Dont get me wrong dom fans its just that the spitfire seems more responsive in all conditions, probably the tail shape is the key.
        I also own a retro fish and an SP, however even when the surf is small and mushy the nod goes to the spitty every time. And if the truth is to be told i dont like the SP its just not for me, the spitfire paddles into waves faster and is just really faultless, probably the best board i have ever owned, and ihave had a few.
        So if i was you splash the cash on the Spitfire 6'0 if you are a reasonably competent surfer or 6'2 if you take it easy.
        Good Luck.