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Will a 5'6" spitfire be too small?

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  • Will a 5'6" spitfire be too small?

    I have an opportunity to get a 5'6" spitfire(brand new) for a great price. I'm worried it might be too small because the buyer guide says that for my weight(175lbs) the smallest recommended spitfire is 5'8". Right now, I use my 6'0" Taj model firewire for pretty much all waves, but it's tough to surf in smaller waves, which is why I'm looking to buy this SF. The 5'6" SF has more volume than the 6'0" Taj so I was thinking it might be ok. I was wondering if you guys thought the 5'6" SF is going to be too small for me.

    The waves at where I am right now(college) are usually waist high and a little soft.

    Thanks guys

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    Plug your weight into the volume calculator and see if the 5'6 SF fits into the recommended range...the buyer's guide seems a bit less precise.


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      I'm about your weight and find the 5'8" a bit too floaty and have considered the 5'6".
      I would find the stock 6'0" Taj too small also.
      If its a good price I'd say it's worth trying and you probably won't lose much if you end up selling it on.

      Most people your weight would be on the 5'8" though, some even the 5'10".


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        Thanks guys. The taj is probably too small for me in reality, but goes so well in "good" head high-overhead punchy beachbreak(home). So I'll probably end up using the spitfire for most days while I'm at school and home and use the taj on the good days.

        The SF is also rapid fire which is different but I've read here that for small wave boards rapidfire can be better.

        Anyways, thanks guys.


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          Had my first proper surf on the board yesterday, and man is it fast. It absolutely took off on me. Everyone is right about foot placement though. I can immediately tell if my back foot is a little too far forward. The board absolutely rips though. I'm stoked. Thanks for the help guys.


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            stoked onlylefts!! Thanks for the support!! Glad the board is working for you.