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spitfire or potatonater for waist to head high waves?

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  • spitfire or potatonater for waist to head high waves?

    G'day, i am 6'3", 97kg and have surfed for 40 years. I have a 6'8" dom which i got for winter waves , head high and over, to tell you the truth it was a bit overkill on the volume side at 50lts, but when its rippy and big with lots of water moving around it comes in handy, and it performs well on the face. Im looking for a smaller wave board that will perform from waist to head high, maybe slightly over. I think i have narrowed it down to a 6'4" potatonater or a 6'6" spitfire. The PN might be slightly better in the lower wave size range while the spit would be in the upper range. Do you think a 6'6" spit would go well in the waist/chest high range and does it have planing speed over flat sections, say to get to a reform section at high tide? Should i save up to get both as they have different purposes? thanks, Keith

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    A dom and spit are very very similar. I'd opt for the PN.


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      yeah if you already have the dom, the Potatonator will certainly give you more range in your quiver. Justo is spot on above!


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        I think the Potatonator would be good choice because, in my opinion, it works better than the Spitfire when the waves don't have as much punch. You'd really be surprised how this board can link sections, get thru the flats and even work the lip on a wave that normally wouldn't be worth catching on a shortboard or hybrid. In high tide (fat waves) this board is alot more enjoyable. This board is great! The Spitfire and Dominator feel similar with the Spitfire having a bit more bite in tail. In the off season, I would go to the Potatonator 8 out of 10 times (except maybe the longboard).


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          ## 52 years old, 6'6" tall 197 pounds with a wider Stance of long 37 inche legs, intermediate/advanced (no airs) surfer with stablized injuries to knees (tendon and MCL) and shoulders (tendon and rotator cup) I surf about 2 to 3 times a week with a cross train if no waves***
          . I own the 5-11 Baked Potato TT and love it from knee high to shoulder hi.( 6 foot face) powerless waves, gives me a huge paddling edge over everyone. I can turn it hard and put on rail at speed or tail slide slash my way down the wave usually riding it as a big finned quad with a 5th stubby fin.

          I own / love the 6-4 Dominator (41Lvolume), (also own the 6-3 Activator) and struggle now (cause the BP spoiled me) on powerless waves. Don't get me wrong, the 6-4 rips, but I wear out sooner (getting older) in one hour if it is consistent. and if there are pro groms I have no edge over their jockey abilities when it comes to quick late take offs when on the DOM.

          I am hunting for a midrange board, to replace that 6-4 dominator (shoulder to 1.5 over head) thinking the 6-6 SpitFire or the 6-2 PotatoNator (but thinking there will be too much overlap on the PN and the PN may not handle very well on steeper or taller waves than the SF) Looking at the Spitfire, the tail rails have a thinner edge than the DOM or the PotatoNator giving it that extra bite for heavier performance dig in turns.

          that beings Said I think the 6-6 SPITFIRE would be a good compliment to the Baked Potato in this case. If I go 6-4 smaller, then My paddle power is compromised and will lose out to the Pro Groms The PN too much over lap with not enough performance outer limits when the waves clean up and get powerful
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            also talking to a pro over on Oahu, he said he noticed that the VADER while paddles easily,the tail rails are thick boxy and the tomo boards wide nose profiles don't like chop and the nose tends to catch the chop. which is a lot of the tradewind cross breeze and trade wind swells in Hawaii. so for me the VADER is out for now.
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          6'6" spitfire would be my choice, i have ridden my potatonator in the worst waves possible, twice, but i think the PN is a very fat spitfire, and feels very different to the dom. I havent ridden a spitfire but my mate has a 6'2 spitfire and a 6'4 dom and is finding his to be great for better waves.


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            Hi Fritzcat,
            I would go for a Unibrow 6'6" or 6'8" got more rocker, finer rails, narrower tail for waves with a little more grunt. I have 6'4" Spitfire, 6'2" Potatonator and 6'8" Unibrow - got all bases covered. Serious waves above 5 foot - Unibrow every time!