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Help! Broken Spitfire need a replacement recommendation ASAP

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  • Help! Broken Spitfire need a replacement recommendation ASAP

    I broke my 6'0 Spitfire a few weeks ago and promptly order a new one. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's coming in before I leave for a surf trip this Saturday!! UGH!!!

    Can anyone recommend something else? I live in Huntington Beach and have a ton of surf shops around me. Jack's is literally downstairs from my office.

    I need a good "Waist to OH" board for the trip. Preferable something that is good in offshore wind barrels.

    I'm considering the following:

    6'0 Lost V2 shortboard
    5'10" HS Hypto Krypto
    6'0 Lost Mini Driver
    6'0 C.I. #4
    6'0 JS Blak Box 2


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    with the word Barrels in there I'd go a Mini driver


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      I would recommend a Mini Driver as well. But not the Firewire version. I loved my 5'10 PU version. But when I got the same board in FST, I didn't like the changes that Matt made to it. Just wasn't the same. I'm sure a lot of people will voice a different opinion here. Also, you can find a lot of these on craigslist.


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        I do like my FireWire MD but I don't have a point of comparison with the conventional model. I can say the FireWire is narrower at the same length and that's probably the reason for the different feel. For waist high to head high I think any of those boards would work. I'd choose the MD because I love it but they'll all surf well.


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          602 unibrow or chubby chedda would do the trick too.


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            Thanks for the info. I have a 6'2 Uni that I'm bringing. I pulled the trigger on a 6'0 PU Lost Mini Driver today. Pretty stoked on it. Looking forward to riding a PU board again. I have been on Firewires only for the past 6 years or so.

            It came with FC2's boxes and all my fins are futures so I had to buy some new fins. That system is pretty damn sweet. You literally just pop in the fin and ride.