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yay! another newbee trying to decide SP/BP/SF/Dom!

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    Sounds good to me - I just wish I could ride an SP or BP in 5'7" or 8".


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      The plot thickens!
      I'm finally getting comfortable on my pumpkin seed (6'8 with 36 liters) to the point I'm gonna keep it as my good wave days, for waist to head high (until it snaps, I will then probably be looking at a 6'2 SF or UB).

      So I'm basically only looking at a groveler right now. Was looking for a 5'9 BP or a 5'8 SP in timbertek. But I just came across a 5'11 BP used in timbertek.
      Since I want to use it for ankle to waist high, do you guys think it would still be too big?
      It's so rare to find those BP and even more rare to find them around the size you're looking for and in TT construction...

      Again, I'm 5'10 and 190lbs + 5mm full suit. Been surfing for a year.

      The way I see it, since it's used, I can always resale it for the price I would be buying it for if it ends up being too big?
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