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  • Joined the FW family!

    Just snagged a 6'2" spitfire (timbertek), my first firewire board, so stoked. Throwing some Pancho Sullivan fins on it. I'll report back how she handles after experimenting with some different setups.

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    Welcome c2ypt1c, great choice!

    - FIJ


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      Alright so here's an update:

      I freakin' love this board!! Hands down the best board I've ever ridden. I'm still experimenting with fin setups based around the panchos and have recently been riding a quad setup (pancho front, qd2 4.0 rears). This setup is FAST and holds strong, but I feel there is just too much fin. I'm going to try the am2 thruster set tomorrow and see how it feels. By the way, I'm 6'1 200lbs in case anyone is wondering.


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        Ok so I tried out the AM2 techflex thrusters today and they are exactly what I'm looking for. Good drive with just the right amount of looseness. The first wave I caught I instantly noticed the tail loosened up perfectly and it just felt amazing! I can't get over how much I like this board, especially with these fins!! Thank you Firewire!


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          Same way I felt when I got my I want a Mini Driver as a step-up. Enjoy c2ypt1c!


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            Still love my spitfire, it gets used a bit in summer. C2ypt1c, welcome to the addiction.


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              Thanks for the welcome guys!

              Got another update - so after surfing every day this last month, my paddle fitness went through the roof, my surfing ability hit the next level that I was looking for, and I dropped a few pounds to 195...STOKED! That said, the 6'2 is great but it's a little too floaty for the performance that I want.

              So...I snagged a 5'10!!! And let me tell you...THIS board is the shit! So happy with how it performs. Now I'm finally able to really dial in my snaps and cutbacks, it has the perfect amount of volume for my weight, to catch anything from 2ft Huntington slop as well as overhead. LOVE THIS BOARD! Thanks guys.

              If anyone wants a nearly brand new 6'2 TT spitfire in orange county, HMU!

              edit: just wanted to add, for anyone in a similar situation, I was a little skeptical on the size of the 5'10 @ 88kg (~195lbs), worried that it wouldnt be paddle-friendly, but it is damn near PERFECT. I've had no problems catching small waves or paddling out in larger surf (only head-high so far). If you weigh roughly the same, plan on surfing alot, grab the 5'10!
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                Glad to hear the stoke c2ypt1c!!! I finally got to surf my spit without a wetsuit today after a year and a half while on vacation in FL.....and if I get stationed out of the frozen tundra that is Maine, I'm going to pick up a 5'8". It's still an amazing board, just seems a little floaty without the extra weight of full rubber.


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                  Just and update: I feel like this board is my soul mate haha. Since I last posted, I've gotten an even better feel for this board and dialed it in. I seriously love dropping in with this thing! Got her set up with AM2 fronts with a Rob Machado trailer, such a sweet combo. Just had the best session of my life! Wave after wave of pure shred! At least that's how it felt, not sure if it looked as good from the beach haha.


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                    Great news, glad to hear it!