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Question about Spitfire vs other boards

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  • Question about Spitfire vs other boards

    Long time Reader first time poster:

    I have a question about the Spitfire board. I'm transitioning off a 6'1 rusty dwart and am looking for a more performance oriented board any recommendations plus sizes (ie the spitfire or the hellfire)? I really want to push my surfing to another level and improve on my turns.

    Surf Skills and physical dimensions: I would categorize myself as an intermediate surfer that can do small turns and am comfortable in up to slightly above overhead surf. The big problem is that I am very stocky I am 5'8 and weigh 185 pounds with shorter arms so float and paddling is always a big concern for me.

    I rode my friends 6'2 spitfire and i found it paddled like a dream; however some of my more experienced surf friends don't recommend the board as its not "performance enough" and "sits too high above the water" and I was personally hoping to go for something shorter and I am concerned about its performance in steeper waves. Any thoughts and recommendations. TIA!

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    For me i found the spitfire to be better in smaller surf... i didnt get on with it all that well. Iv got a chubby chedda now which i love but from the sounds of what youre saying a good place to start looking would definitely be the hellfire and unibrow as allround performance orientated boards with enough chunky hybrid design to make surfing them easy and fun... hope this helps! As for volume i would use the calculator on the firewire website but nothing beats demoing....


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      Nelson thanks for the advice. Any personal experience with either the hellfire or unibrow? Hopefully i'll be able to demo some as I live in LA


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        Poopersc00per - Make sure to hit up that demo at El Porto in LA on 1/18! You'll be able to try out all the boards you're talking about and hopefully find one that suits you best.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          have had a quick go on each but not enough to comment really... people that have them seem to love them though! get to that demo if you can.


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            I have both the spitfire and the unibrow. I think the unibrow has a much wider range with a nod for speed and performance. The only reason I would recommend the spitfire over the unibrow would be for length. You can go a couple inches shorter with the spitfire than the unibrow and get the same volume. This may be beneficial in small waves or for certain maneuvers. Otherwise the unibrow will essentially cover the same range as the spitfire and provide more potential for performance and speed. It really comes down to the waves you are riding, your skill level and personal preferences. In my opinion the unibrow is best all around surfboard I have been on for waves above grovel size.