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Spitfire 5.8 ok?

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  • Spitfire 5.8 ok?

    Hi, I just bought a 5.8 spitfire. I'm 190cm (6ft2), 85kg (187lbs), intermediate. I surf for 20 years, but only on hollidays. Costa Rica, France, Portugal. I'm not into big moves or big waves. I like fun waves 3-4 ft. No barrel stuff. Do you think this size will be OK or is it too small? The salesman was completely sure about this size, but I'm still a bit in doubt.

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    5'10 may be a better fit for you but it depends what you're used to.


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      I'm used to a much bigger board: 6.4*19 1/4*2 1/2 but with a lot more rocker (and little kicktail) and about the same volume as the spirfire 5.8. Problem with that board was catching the waves. I missed paddle power. I hope to catch the waves a little faster with the spitfire. Oh, and I'm in rather good shape and 39 years old.


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        I'm about 77kg and always felt the 5'8 was a little big for me. My normal shortboards are around 28l. It could be spot on for you. But if you were looking for an easy ride in smaller waves the 5'10 would probably fit that bill better.
        You'd be able to push the 5'8 harder in punchy or bigger waves though.

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        A 5'8 will certainly work for you, but if you are an "occasional" surfer, then a 5'10 could be more user friendly.

        "The salesman was completely sure about this size" <--- did he only have a 5'8 to sell? Or did he have the 5'10 as well?


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          @csarqui: I'm not really sure if the salesman also had a 5'10, but I think it was easy enough to order one. I'm a bit more than the occasional surfer. I do surf only on holidays, but that's like 4 times a year, 10 days to 3 weeks per trip. I just cannot imagine that such a short board will do the job.