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    posted this on the dom thread and got no help....

    I'm a beginner. Riding a 610 Addvance now and trying to figure out what the next board should be. I'm 5'10 195lbs. in NJ. I love the Addvance but it's the only thing I've ridden besides the 8ft foam board that I started on. I'd like to take the next step down. I have spent a ton of time researching and I was leaning towards the spitfire 604 or 602 but was also reading really good things about the white diamond and coil. (m80)? I don't know much about the coils but everyone seems to praise them in the same manner firewire is praised. Has anyone ridden all 3

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    I've not ridden all 3. But, the spitfire is an AWESOME board. When I was 200lb I was riding the 600 spitfire with ease. I was contemplating dropping down to a 510. Alas, i'm now 220lb and my board sizes are beginning to blow out just like me... haha

    When you say "beginner" how is your surfing. Are you popping up quickly? Are you able to do top and bottom turns with the occasional cut back? If yes, i'd put you in the intermediate category and I would also say the thing holding you back is your board. I think a 602 SF would be a really good option. If you want to progress even further you could look at a 600. All this also depends on the waves you are riding. The SF is good in knee to waist, excellent in waist to just over head high, and is again OK in over head waves. It's a true all rounder. If the waves are generally mushy I'd go the 602, if they're a bit more powerful, you should get the 600.

    I have one in Rapifire Tech. RF is great, feels nice, light, snappy, but poor durability. I would look at either Timber Tek or FST for my next. If the SF doesn't tickle your fancy, you could also look at the DM (dominator). Very similar board, but slightly easier to ride in a variety of conditions. It will be less snappy in the pocket, and have smoother, slightly more drawn out turns. This is because of the thumb tail as opposed to the step down diamond on the SF.

    What ever you end up getting, good luck. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.



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      Hi 3rd person,

      Like Justo, can't comment on the other boards you mentioned, but can say I am on a 6'4" SF FST and love it.

      I am 6'4" high so a fair bit taller, 36y/o and closer to 205lbs (200 on a good day), and prior had been surfing a Surftech board with a very similar shape to the Addvance. The SF is a super fun board, I ride it as a quad and I had never experienced such a fast board before this one, sometimes it feels like you are just trying to hang on and I've been left behind on more than one occasion!

      I think with the SF the idea is to ride it slightly shorter than your height, I could probably ride the 6'2" but to be honest I like the length I am on and it has never felt corky or like it wouldn't turn for me, and with my weight duck diving is fine. With the board you are currently on which is much longer and a higher volume you will notice a massive difference with the SF in terms of turning maneuverability in either of the sizes you have mentioned as the Addvance would have much more drawn out arcs and hard to release rail etc.

      Some of the guys will probably try and talk you down into a much smaller board, I personally think at your weight and beginner level experience maybe a 6'00" or 6'02" would be the go. If at all possible I would try and demo though prior in a couple of sizes, it sucks spending big money on a board only to find it isn't the right size, especially if you are missing waves and therefore not able to progress your surfing. In my case I was able to demo a 6'4" and realized I was comfortable on that size when the volume calc. was saying a 6'06" +.

      Hope this helps and good luck.


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        Thanks for the input guys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go spitfire. I actually called and emailed coil to get info on their boards and have gotten no response after several attempts. That says something to me. Now the question is size. Coming down from 57 liters to 41(6'4) or 38(6'2) is going to be a jump. I can last about 2hrs a session paddling the addvance before I start to burn out. So I expect it to be physically tougher, but after a month or so I think my paddle ability will be forced to catch up. I'm debating whether the 3 liters is going to make that much difference physically. I mean, it's going to be tough anyway right? Maybe I should just go all the way and go with the 6'2. I think anything smaller would be too tough and frustrating. It's a coin flip I guess. Like mentioned it sucks I can't actually try a board prior.


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          I think a 602 would be fine. 600 if you are surfing 3 or more times a week. 602 will paddle better and grovel more. 600 will allow you to be more progressive.