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spitfire 5'6 or 5'8?

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  • spitfire 5'6 or 5'8?

    Hello, everyone

    This is my first post here, and I need some sizing help for the spitfire. I'm 15 and about 5'11 and around 70-75 kgs. I'd probably say i'm an intermediate surfer, i live on the Sunshine Coast and usually surf anything from 1-7 foot It's usually pretty crappy though. I've been looking at the 5'6, will this be to small? I've been riding a 6'0 futura which i recently broke, it seemed to have more than enough float.

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    I'd say that currently the 506 would work well for you, but at 15 if you're still growing the 508 could be a safer bet.
    That said you've probably got endless energy.
    I'd say the 506 will be on the lower end of the volume you want and the 508 on the upper.
    If you like less volume go 506. At 77kg I've always thought the 508 was a touch more volume than I'd like.
    Plus you're probably in boardies.


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      At 85Kgs I'm on a 5'8" and plenty of flotation. As PRJ said, you're still growing and given your height, I believe the 5'8" will be a better choice. The 5'6" might feel a bit short at your height (and you should be growing more)


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        Would there be much difference in manuvarability between them?


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          yeah anytime you step up in volume for the same MODEL, you can sacrifice a bit of maneuverability. going from a 506 to a 508 isn't a bad step though, especially for someone that is growing. That being said, if you rip, the 506 would be great. If you want to have a versatile board that you can grow into that isn't a huge downsize from your futura, the 508 would suit nicely.