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Twin + TMF???

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  • Twin + TMF???

    Ok, so maybe it's just that I'm going crazy with how terrible this summer has been in the northeast but would it be possible to surf the spit as a twin with The Middle Finger (future fins nubster)? I know it wouldn't be possible on larger waves but what about on the small stuff?

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    You probably could. Using the equivalent of the MR TFX twin the knubster but maybe a 3" trailer might be good too. I ride my spitfire as a quad and use a home made knubster...that is a slightly more rear ended fin than the VS knubster. I think you'll get more speed from a quad but why not experiment.


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      You could try that, but the SF is designed to be ridden as a quad or thruster. That being said, a twin fin setup may work, but it won't be ideal.

      - Firewire Intern Josh