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Best board for Maldives trip

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  • Best board for Maldives trip


    Im planing a trip to Maldives and want to know what board could be the best for intermediate 98 kgs surfer.
    68 or 66 Spitfire or Hellfire?
    Maybe other fw board?


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    6'10 hellfire - 7.0 alternator?


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      I reckon your Addvance would go pretty well there too. There were some good shots of Vance riding his in Tonga on the old forum.


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        Thanks,I forgot old forum,I am reading now thread about Maldives.


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          I think the spitfire would be just right, not that I have ever surfed one, but it sounds like cross between the dominator and the hellfire, which I both have and I'd take both but if you are only going to take one the spitfire sounds like the one. Pretty sure a 6'4 would do you for float without checking the volume calculator.

          I've had quite a few friends go there over the years...and it rarely gets very large. They all seem to have scored chest to overhead waves mostly, only one report of double overhead waves...although they get the odd Tsunami!
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            Thanks for your replies, I am agree with all of you about the addvance and spitfire,alternator would be too performance for me.
            Finally I have to go to south africa on my hollidays this year and I have to delay the maldives trip
            I hope that would test during this year spitfire,hellfire,dominator....on the surf shops near my home,it would be great

            The best flight combination from my home is with British airways and i only can carry 190cms surfboard(bag included) is a big handicap for me.

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              Hi There I took both the Addvance 6'10 and an Alternator 7'2 with me to the Maldives in Sept and both where great (rode the Addvance the mostly though only because I was coming down from a Mal) though found a couple of the places the wave was a bit step for the Addvance (probably down to bad tech) if your heading south I'd take an Alternator as the swell was bigger deff over head high. I've just got a Spitfire 6'8 and only ridden it twice so can't comment on it but have to say after two surfs it could take over both boards.


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                Thanks Bowsie,
                How about September to go to Maldives?


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                  bloody brilliant best trip ever waves down south seemed to be better and less crowded.


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                    Just got back from Maldives and my 5'9 el fuegO did the trick! Got me in early and the tail held well in the nice powerful little pockets.

                    Took about 8 days in the central atolls where we surfed hollow, fun chest to head high waves without another boat in sight across 4 atolls. Got slammed on the reef at yin yangs on the first day on the inside bowl and got some nice cuts, thankfully my only interaction on the reef. machines was a stand out wave !

                    Spent the last two days at honkies in north male. One thing to note the surf forcasts don't mean anything up there (as I was told by booking agent) bouys were reporting 1ft 12 secs for last two days. What we were surfing was fun hollow overhead long waves with plenty of push. Best waves of the trip! So dont bother looking at forecasts and worrying of its 1 ft before u go. Crowds were present in north male but all surfers had good attitudes and wave share ethics so no problems at all.

                    I think a spit or hellfire may have had more vertical performance on those waves in north male as they shape really left you plenty of space for manouvers but I was happy with my el fuego overall especially in the central atolls where the waves were breaking faster down the line.

                    So sad it's over now.

                    Take plenty of sun protection it's unbelievably hot!


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                      great stuff matt!!!

                      glad to hear the board worked!!! similar to how I feel about the board!!