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Koa vs non Koa Rapidfire

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  • Koa vs non Koa Rapidfire

    So I have a question about the dark Koa wood rapidfire boards as far as the differences between the regular and the dark colored ones? Went and looked at a Koa colored one the other day and had not seen one like that.

    Also, I have noticed that some of the sweet potato's have designs on them? Is this a random thing or do most of the boards have this. Just want some clarity as to the designs and materials used.


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    The Koa boards were a limited collaboration with Arbor. They aren't being made anymore so if you find one in your size it's well worth snapping it up.
    I doubt think there would be any distinguishable performance difference between the bamboo and Koa, at least to us mortals.
    Design wise. A certain number of boards in retail have designs on the decks. More don't, certainly where I am. I think it's possible to special order a board with a certain design, but custom designs are not available currently.


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      Yeahh, like the arbir wasteland colab... All part of "private collectors" now... ;)


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        Yeahh, like the arbor wasteland colab... All part of "private collectors" now... ;)


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          Is the koa top one the one that looks like very dark wood on top? Just wondering as I passed up buying one this week as it had a lot of damage to the rails and tail. The price was really good though.


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            Yep that's the one