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quad set up for spitfire

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  • quad set up for spitfire

    Just got a sptfire and have surfed Futures Vector II EA thruster set up. It goes great but am looking for the best quad setup.
    Anyone got any thoughts on Future controller quads or other Future quad set ups.

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    Got a set of ELEVON and work like magic
    Also the V2F4
    But that of course is t my weight


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      Hey Iggy, what is it about the Elevon quad that you like. I am looking for drive and speed and not too loose.


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        The lift and speed they give you but unfortunately for you they are pretty loose.
        For total drive the Controllers are the way to go. Those fins are all about hold and drive
        Now a good compromise between the two will be the Simon Anderson or the Stretch quad
        In my case, I added the L side fins to the Elevon and it changed things a bit

        Now if you have a chance to try a set of SOLUS thruster...those fins are quite something!!


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          Thanks Iggy, I can get hold of the stretch quads and give them ago. I haven't been able to find Controllers as yet. I have already had my eye on the Solus thrusters. Do you think they perform better than the FEA Blackstix?


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            The center ''hatchet'' makes the whole difference!!!