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  • Elevons - Paging Iggy!


    I'm strongly tempted to go for the Futures quad Elevon's for my Spitfire. I'm also considering the contollers and quad AM2's. I'm 6'4 and 210lbs ish. I've read through a lot of fin posts and the elevons seem to get a good rap. Are you still digging them Iggy? They look like they have a lot of drive......

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    They make your board feel like a train on rails...great direction and projection. Highly recommend them. For you make sure you get the large quad rear set.. mine is the smalls and are just enough for me at 185lbs.


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      Snakepit, Elevons are hella expensive! haha. You could get 2-3 decent fin sets for its price. I actually prefer my Spit as a thruster. But if you want Quads, check out the Simon Anderson quad or Lost MB2 5-fin or maybe even Controllers.

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        ELEVONS over controllers for sure!!!!!!. I do like a lot e SOLUS as well for the Spitfire, veryplayfull fins with good drive. But for real speed and drive the ELEVONS go over the SOLUS, hands down.
        Sorry for the delay been going left and right lately!!


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          Hi Guys,

          Thanks very much for all the replies guys. This really is a very constructive forum. Yea its gonna be the Elevons so and I'll go for the large rear set. Speed and drive is what I'm looking for!

          @Hawaii_boi I have many fond memories of the North Shore! Did you ever surf rightovers?


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            @Snakepit, I'm glad I could help you decide on getting the Elevons instead of my recommendation haha jk.

            I don't get out to the North shore anymore but when I used go I usually surfed Log Cabins and on occassion Lani's and v-land.

            Let us know how the Elevon goes!



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              I sold my controllers...I wasnt that impressed to be honest...much rather Elevons.


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                Thanks for the info FW-Fan and Iggy on the Elevons. Can't wait to try them.

                I have to say, normally these fancy looking "weird" fin concepts rarely live up to expectations. But these seem to be the exception! Saw a nice video of a guy in Sweden using them (can't find the link now), but you could really see the drive and lift coming into play on the flat sections.

                So in July, I will give a detailed review of both the 6'4 and 6'10 spitfires (in TimberTek) plus the Elevons vs AM2 quad setup.

                @Hawaii_Boi I wasn't ignoring your recommendations I swear! ;-) Ahhhh Log Cabins such a scenic spot, heavy crew at times mind.....