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5'4 spitfire volume discrepancy?

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  • 5'4 spitfire volume discrepancy?

    Website shows a 5'4 spitfire should be 25.7 liters. Mine looks like it says 27.7? Can this be true? Want to buy a 5'9 hellrazor at 24.4 liters, is it too small?

    I'm 5'6" about 148lbs intermediate HB surfer.

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    you saying the rail on your board says 27.7? If it does it likely was written incorrectly. The 504 Spitty defintiely is the 25.7L volume.

    at 148 lbs, so long as you are a competent surfer and used to shortboarding, yeah the 509 will be a ripper for you!! My brother is about 160ish and loves the 511, so i think you fit perfectly on the one directly beneath.



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      Thanks for the help Chris. I definately says 27.7, Id send you the pic but cant figure out how to attach it. serial#68062 5'4" x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4

      No worries! bought the 5'9 hellrazor yesterday. surfed in the 4-6HB, shes a keeper for sure! think I need some larger fins though, all I had to throw in it was a set of PC-3's