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  • Spitfire for Northern Beaches Sydney

    Hi all,

    First post here but have been doing ALOT of reading up over the last few days.

    I snapped my only board in weak knee high Dee Why shorebreak on Sunday morning, pulled into a tiny closeout and the board nosedived straight into the sandbank. The board I broke was a second hand 6'3 Rusty Project, was probably a bit oversized for me and felt it didn't have enough speed in the head high and below conditions that I regularly surf, but it served its purpose of getting me back in the game after a few years out of the water (bodyboarded for over 10 years as a teenager but decided its time to grow up so made the switch and very happy I did so). Paddling strength has now returned.

    The upside is that I now get to buy a new board more suited to me. I'm 27y.o, 5'9, pretty fit, and on the way back down from 75kg (165 pound). My regular weight once I reach it will be about 70kg (154 pound). At the moment I'm on the lower end of intermediate, but feel I'm progressing relatively quickly. I don't want an oversized board as I don't want to be held back and don't need the paddling assistance.

    Started off looking at a baked potato then a potatonator, as the speed of them in smaller surf looked phenomenal, however after watching a lot of vids and reading the forums I don't think either of these boards will suffice for a 1 board quiver in the waves we get around here, especially going into winter when we are going to start getting some decent clean hollow swells. A 2 board quiver is not an option as I live in a small apartment and even 1 board gets in the way.

    So after researching even more, I think a spitfire could be the answer. Would love to hear opinions on whether its a suitable board for what I'm after from anyone that has ridden one around Sydney's northern beaches, or even anyone who rides one in head height and below beach break.

    Would also love to hear anyone's thoughts on sizing. Volume calculator has me on a 5'8 at 75kg and a 5'6 at 70kg. I'm leaning towards the 5'6 as 70kg will likely be my regular weight and not fussed about extra paddle power. Going to try book a demo this weekend.

    tl;dr version - need a new all round board for head height and below beach break. I want it to have plenty of speed in these smaller conditions. I'm 5'9, 70 kgs good fitness intermediate skill. Thoughts and recommendations please.


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    I have a Dom which is much like. a Spitfire and its great in below head high. I'm also a Sydneysider.

    For me though if it was a 1 board quiver and paddling was a non-issue I'd choose a Unibrow or Hellfire. I'd personally choose the Unibrow.


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      Hi Buzzy thanks for your input, just read your comments on the unibrow over in the Dan Mann section and seems like you are pretty happy with it. Seems like it could be a good alternative for more of a traditional short board feel. Guessing yours is in FST? Do you have any updated thoughts on it since your last comments in the critique thread?


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        Im from the northern beaches (narra) and have a 5'8 spitfire (im 5'10 and 80kg, 31y.o) which i ride 80% of the time around here. Awesome board. Had a dominator but like the spit more. Highly recommend it!


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          Thanks! just the kind of info I'm after.

          The Spitfire in technograin is really catching my eye.

          But then the Unibrow is also supposed to be available in the technograin this month...

          Thinking I will have a much better idea once I actually get out and start demoing this weekend.


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            I'm from the uk but have surfed heaps all over the Northern Beaches as I've got family there and got to say the Spit would be awesome there. Wish I had mine when I was there last, especaily in those nor easters! Whale beach, North Av be sick!!


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              No, no significant update. The UB is definitely my "go to" board, with the Dom used when conditions are particularly small.

              As I say, if I had to pick a 1 board quiver the UB would probably be it. That or the Q5 but that's another story. The Dom and to a slightly lesser extent Spit go great in up to around that chest/head range which captures say 50% of our surfing days, but I personally think they are more limited the other 50% of the time. They will surf 1.5x overhead though.

              Either choice will definitely work. It's really a question of whether you'll weight your decision to smaller days (Spit) or medium days (UB).


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                When I say "lesser extent" for the Spit I mean to say it is reported to have a slightly higher performance window than the Dom.


                • Slowman
                  Slowman commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Yes the thinner tail and stepped edge rail will stop the tail jumping out of the water on juicier waves, but there really is no "lesser extent" because of this that I've experienced. I think the spit grovels as well as the dom, and turns quicker/tighter, I have both.

                  The spit is a great board but for hollower, steeper waves you will want something better. The spit and the dom are not that good on quick grinding hollow take offs.

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                Whereabouts do you think the cross over would lie? Around waist level? If it's a case of the unibrow being better for waist high and above, but still being able to carry reasonable speed in anything below that, then I think you are right and the unibrow would be the better choice.
                Would I also be right in saying the unibrow will handle hollower stuff better?


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                  Sorry just re read your post and I think it would make more sense to say:

                  Are they overlapping in the waist to chest range, the unibrow then having an advantage above that and the spit/Dom below?


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                    Originally posted by walkingdisaster View Post
                    Sorry just re read your post and I think it would make more sense to say:

                    Are they overlapping in the waist to chest range, the unibrow then having an advantage above that and the spit/Dom below?
                    That's pretty much 100% it.

                    The UB will surf below waist level, just not as well as the Dom/Spit. If I surfed every day that would probably fade away into a non issue but I'm a 4 day a week surfer, fading into 3x a week as winter approaches.


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                      I'd just add I personally feel the UB is the better board for my preferences even from waist and up but not everyone will feel the same. Basically once tge wave has enough size and power to get the UB moving I feel its the better board, for me.