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Hey PRJWEBB! When can I get a technograin spitfire in the UK?

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  • Hey PRJWEBB! When can I get a technograin spitfire in the UK?


    I'm looking to get both a 6'6 and a 6'10 spitfire in technograin. I'm in Ireland (it's gonna be huge this weekend) but usually order from the online shops in the UK like secretspot and boardshop. Any idea when these boards will be available in the UK?

    Do they come with FCS or Future fins by the way?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Hey Snake,
    I'm not 100% but I'm thinking June time. If you know what you're after it's worth getting in touch with a dealer and special ordering one.
    As for fin systems. All FWs coming to the UK tend to be FCS unless you special order. That just seems to be how the market is over here.
    I'll try to find out a more accurate date for you.


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      Thanks PRJ.

      So in theory I could special order now with future fins and hope for June/July?

      I'm not sure if you are allowed to do this, but would recommend any one shop in particular?

      One last thing. How do you rate the spitfire overall?

      Many thanks from the Emerald Isle!


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        Yeah that should be do able.
        Could be worth emailing Myles and he will co-ordinate the order with you and whatever shop you choose. Boardshop is the closest to FW-UK I think.

        I love the Spitfire, one of the most fun boards I've had in small to medium sized waves. Just don't oversize it!


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          Thanks for that PRJ.

          Don't worry I won't oversize it. I'm 6'4 and 95kg's. I always prefer added volume to my boards. I find it helps me on both the smaller days and bigger days too (paddling power). I always like about 45L-50L. Never had a problem duck diving with that.

          You should come to the west coast of Ireland this weekend! ;-)


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            Ha I bet it's going to be thumping there. It's looking pretty good here too. Had a few fun ones this morning, off for the evening sesh in a bit.


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              Hi Snakepit,

              Don't usually use this Forum for selling, but we are just trying to put a techno grain Pre order together. I can try and sort you out if you want to give me a shout direct

              Had a couple of minutes hands on time with a technograin spitfire last week, before she was cruelly snatched from my grasp!!! What a stunning beauty she was.



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                thanks prj and boardshop! way to be on it!


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                  Thanks guys,

                  I'll get in contact with you Rodger, maybe we can twist Myles's arm for an early delivery of techno grain. He is bound to need someone to advertise the boards early in Ireland ;-).......

                  Sure could have done with the spitfire this weekend. Man was it heavy and flipping cold!


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                    Of course now I have just been playing around with the spitfire in the CBD. Very tempting! I guess you can't get them in technograin at the moment.

                    What do the boards come in from the CBD, FST or Rapidfire?

                    Great tool by the way, great to have the volume calculated out for you.


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                      Hi again Prjwebb,

                      Just noticed that you ordered a board through the CBD. What was the final cost including shipping to the UK and how long did it actually take to get it built and delivered?

                      Thanks again,



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                        Hey Snake,
                        I think it's something like 100 on top of the normal price.
                        Mine took a while because it was right in the middle of the flooding problems so everything was held up. I think it was close to 6 months but that was an extreme circumstance.
                        Depending on shipment schedules I'd guess around 3 months normally.