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Do I need a Potatonator AND Spitfire

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  • Do I need a Potatonator AND Spitfire

    I would first off like to thank prjwebb, hawaii_boi and csarqui for sharing their insight and experiences on my previous posts.

    I have a 5'3" Baked Potato and it still blows my mind that such a short board can have enough volume to float and allow me to paddle. I bought it for the cruddy, small SoCal surf especially during the summer months.

    I am still debating a 5'8" or 5'10" Spitfire. I would use the Spitfire of larger overhead days when the Baked Potato does not make sense.

    I know that there is an overlap between the Potatonator and Spitfire. But, does going for a 5'8" Spitfire leave a slot in the quiver open for a 5'6" Potatonator to handle the knee high to shoulder height days?
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    In my opinion that will not be justified. The Spit and Pnator will overlap due to the fact that you already have a baked, which will cover you on the smaller stuff
    Saw one of your other posts, to put things in perspective, I'm 87Kgs and ride a 5'8" Spit which I really like


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      you're welcome!
      I was just talking to my friend about the potatonator vs spitfire. IMO, the Pnator could be a one board quiver if you plan to just surf knee to overhead. However, if the quality of waves on the low end are really crappy then you would probably need the Sweet/Baked. And for anything chest high and bigger, the Spitfire would be good. Timmy Reyes rides a 5'6 spit and he says he catches almost double overhead! Anyways you don't need both (Pnator and Spit) haha.

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        I would say too much overlap with Baked and P/nator. A very slightly higher volumed Spit grovels really well but would handle larger surf as well. They have amazing range. I regret selling my Dom for a P/nator as I find I would rather get a Mal out when it gets too small for my Hellfire or Unibrow these days.


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          @iggy and @piha_local thank you for your thoughtful responses. they are very helpful.

          @hawaii_boi thank you, once again. and if I had an ounce of talent that Timmy Reyes has in the water, I would be a happy man!