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Sizing For Spitfire in Technograin 5'8" or 5'10"?

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  • Sizing For Spitfire in Technograin 5'8" or 5'10"?

    Gonna be a guinea pig and put down a deposit for a Spitfire Technograin. I already have a Baked Potato in 5'3" and paddling is not a problem for me on that board and that displacement is around 32L.

    I am 5'8"/160lbs and consider myself an intermediate surfer. I will be using the Spitfire for bigger days when the Baked Potato does not make sense.

    Should I go 5'8"(31L) or 5'10"(33.5L) for the Spitfire in Technograin?

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    I'm 5'11, 175lbs and ride the 5'8 Dominator/Spitfire. It packs plenty of volume. The 5'10 is too big for me.


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      5'8 or 5'6 is a better question!


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        csarqui - thank you for your input. what kind of waves do you ride it in?


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          prjwebb - why a 5'6"? the volume on my 5'3" BP is around 32L. I was very concerned that the 30L volume on a 5'8" Spitfire would not be enough.


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            Just based on the fact you're shorter and lighter than me and I had the 5'8" Spitfire and always found it a bit too much board but at 6'0 I'm too tall for a 5'6", especially in better waves. As you have a Baked for the smaller stuff, you'd typically ride less volume in a better wave board.

            If you're wanting to keep the volume up though the 5'8 will be really fun.


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              I'm 5'8 and 170-175 lbs and my 5'8 SF is perfect. Btw, the 5'8 is 31L and a 5'6 is 28.3L. Just to give you an idea of how buoyant my 5'8 is...when I sit on it, the water lines up to the bottom of chest. If you are a strong paddler and stay at 160 lbs, you could pull off the 5'6 but if you want slightly easy paddling, 5'8 SF. Hope that helps.

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                ferchizzle, I ride it in everything here in San Diego, from 2ft to solid head high and half. When it gets overhead I have to baby it a little, but it's so easy to get waves and so familiar under my feet, it's hard to take anything else out. I'm really trying to challenge myself and find the step-up of this board, but I'm finding it difficult. My biggest complaint is that sometimes if feels like too much volume. I'd love to get a custom spitfire at 5'8 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8.