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    leaning towards a 5'6 spitfire (volume and paddle wise) given info below, would the 5'6 spit be to small for me?
    How does this board handle in strong offshore wind?
    I am trying to figure out my ideal volume, been on the forums for info everyday. frothing for one or more like a whole new quiver.
    Im 24 years old 5'11 165 lbs intermediate surfer, excellent shape. Like to get in early but wanna take my surfing to a new level. I am on the north shore of oahu
    so waves are powerful and conditions vary a lot

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    I'd say it would be the right size as long as you're not used to high volume boards. Go FST, the extra weight will help in strong offshores.


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      yup, need strength over lightness anyway. im not made of money. thx


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        I believe 5'6" looks about right for you. It's all relative but at 180lbs (I think around that) I've found my volume is around the 30lts mark. Have you made up your mind already for the spit?. Are you looking for something on the high performance range ot something to keep you in the water more often?


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          thanks boys!!


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            Im pretty performance oriented right now. I am trying to sell all my current boards along with household goods, to make way for the firewire quiver I have planned. I am really set on the spit vs all others in the range but the vanguard has got me salivating as well, I just wonder which board I would end up using more? when is the release date anyway? Probably gonna end up with both anyway. lol