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Snapped 6'2" Spitfire White Rapidfire

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  • Snapped 6'2" Spitfire White Rapidfire

    Hi Everyone.
    Purchased a White Rapidfire Spitfire in July and was absolutely loving the board. The construction was easily the strongest I've even ridden or seen with not a single compression or dent after being ridden hard for many months. About three weeks ago I took the board into 2-3foot sloppy Gold Coast beachbreak and as I duck dove a wave the spitfire snapped in half with the only thing holding it together being the pvc top skin. Now again I loved the board to death, the amount I improved my surfing whilst owning the firewire was unbelievable but I am seriously amazed that the thing managed to snap during such a mediocre event. I purchased a firewire with the promise of extra strength and durability and possibly understand if the board broke through a thick section of the wave or after landing an air but not on a duck dive. I'm only 17 and saved up for many months to purchase the board so not only am i shattered that my favourite board has snapped but it means I can't surf and don't have any money to buy a new board. It seems the more people I chat to about the issue the more the topic of offshore and 'popout production' arises. I am sincerely interested to see what firewire has to say on the matter and if my particular situation can be resolved. Also would be interested to see if anyone else has come across any issues as I know there are some youtube videos floating around.

    Attached are photos. Thanks!

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    Looks like its snapped under the front foot area to me.
    I'd shoot Chris an email and he'll do everything he can to help you out.
    Bare in mind it's the holiday season so be patient with the response.


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      Is their any carbon in the white rapid fire?


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        Maybe just take it out to the currumbin store


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          It has been 7 months and I have never received a reply from firewire. Worked my arse off to save enough money to get a custom from a local shaper and best thing I have done. More and more people I know have been snapping firewires after only a few surfs, they are such fun boards to ride but seem to break so quickly and easily. There has to be something wrong here. Poor product and terrible customer service.


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            This is not good news at all, I assume you emailed and called them?


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              sucks mate. I feel for you.
              unfortunately though, I feel the damage was most likely done on a previous wipeout and the straw that broke the camels back (or the board in this case) was the duckdive.

              you should be able to get it repaired, but it will never be the same again.