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If you could own only 2 sets of fins to be used with a Spitfire and Hellfire...

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  • If you could own only 2 sets of fins to be used with a Spitfire and Hellfire...

    ......what would they be?

    I've got a 6'0" Spitfire and will soon be purchasing a 6'2" Hellfire and want to buy 2 sets of decent fins. Currently riding the Spitfire with the plastic SF-4's that came with it.

    I weigh 76kg's and will be out in anything from knee high to double overhead.

    I'm thinking a quad set for when its smaller, Rusty R2's? And then a thruster for when it gets bigger. Should I go for a large thruster set for when it's big or would mediums be fine?

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    Large will be better for the bigger conditions. You got to balance rake and fin base. Fo bigger waves you want to have a set of fins quite raked to giveyou that much needed hold and with some base as well


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      YSB...I only need one set! See my signature. I actually have 3 x R2 quads - like them that much.

      I am thinking though for waves with plenty of push (not talking size) where you don't need to generate speed yourself, I would take the rear quads out and stick in the R2 trailer and use it as a thruster.
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        I have been thinking about the R2's. Wondering whether they are a bit big for my weight though (76kgs). I'm guessing that will just give me more hold and a less loose feeling. Maybe that's not such a bad thing while I'm finding my feet on a new board.


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          Get the performance core SF4s. I love those.