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From Stealth to Spitfire - did i size wrong?

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  • From Stealth to Spitfire - did i size wrong?

    I was surfing a 6'4" Stealth (I'm 6'4" 190lbs and an intermediate surfer) I surf heavy, often messy, beach break at Ocean beach, San Francisco. Usually I'm only out in waves up to a max of 2' overhead.

    I found it hard to get into waves on the Stealth, although I loved it once I was in a great wave. I sold it and got a 6'4" Spit, thinking it would get me into waves better. While it paddles WAY better than the stealth, and gets me in early, It feels too big. I love it in mushy stuff, but it's hard to duck dive and feels clumsy.

    If I dropped down to a 6'2" Spit do you think that would be the ticket, or would I be back to having a harder time getting in?

    How much is it volume vs rocker?


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    You could easily go to a 6'0 spitfire I weigh 10lb more than you. However I consider the spit a board for mushy and weak waves. For steep barreling waves the flatter rocker makes the takeoff a bit harder and my JK or HF drop straight in without a worry. It can handle big full waves but big steep waves it starts getting skittish on takeoff, you really need to angle the takeoff. That said you can still surf steep waves it's just the takeoff you have to manage.


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      Yeah it has a lot to do with rocker and volume, but it also has to do with the shape of the board as well and how much area the nose/and/or tail have. A lot of tail area can make the board sit high on the water while making it difficult to turn and control when moving quickly.

      Downsizing slightly can help so can stepping onto a different model. I think you have identified a good model for yourself, but its worht taking a look around at other boards as a spitfire isn't going to be the best for when the conditions pump at a beach like that...