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Spitfire/Hellfire for 70kg 5'7" beginner/intermediate

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  • Spitfire/Hellfire for 70kg 5'7" beginner/intermediate

    Hey guys!

    Looking for a bit of help deciding on which board and then what size!

    So im on the gold coast looking for something that will hold in bigger surf but pick up some smaller stuff too.

    Im 5'7 and about 70kg.

    Currently im riding a banged up, probably a bit water logged, 6'0 eden Ben Lowe thruster and i actually love it its just a bitch to get smaller waves with... It also feels pretty heavy (a bit water logged?!) but once its up its real nice and its doing the trick for an $80 2nd hand job but.

    So my current thoughts are spitfire 5'6 or 5'8 and hellfire 5'8 or 5'10...

    Im super stoked on surfing at the moment and just want smoething thats gonna be heaps of fun and will really help me progress... I am leaning towards the hellfire as the summer is on its way, i can put up with it on smaller days (or borrow my girlfriends minmal) and i feel like the hellfire would be a better mid point for building a quiver around...

    Any advice would be awesome thanks in advance!

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    Hey Nelson, I just requested some info from you on another post.

    fill in the details there and folks will get on helping you out....