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Spitfire/Hellfire and Sizing 70kg 5'7" beginner/intermediate

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  • Spitfire/Hellfire and Sizing 70kg 5'7" beginner/intermediate

    Hey guys,

    Just looking for a bit of help deciding on a spitfire or a hellfire and the correct size. Im 5'7" and 70kg would consider myself intermediate/beginner. I am currently riding a dinged up 2nd hand eden "ben lowe" thruster its a 6'0. Its pretty heavy for its size has probably taken on a bit of water, im having a great time on it surfing along the gold coast but am looking for something that will go a bit better in the smaller stuff and still hold up when its bigger... Im at the stage where im catching heaps of waves and starting to carve them up with nice turns when conditons are good, am happy to try and surf whatever i can paddle out in, im fit and learning fast but am finding it frustrating on smaller days with the current board.

    So yeah just want something thats gonna be heaps of fun and help me progress ideally that i can get a good duckdive out of, will hold in bigger surf and will pick up smaller surf... is this too much to ask haha?!

    Currently i am thinking Spitfire 5'8" or 5'6" and Hellfire 5'10" or 5'8"... Any suggestions? And sizing wise are the bigger two sizes gonna be too much board for me?

    Thanks heaps!

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    I'm 5'7" and 68kgs, intermediate ridding a 5'4" spit. Love it, love the size. It's good year round in HB. For you I would step to the 5'6. The 5'8 is unnecessary, you don't need the extra volume, it sounds like your not having any trouble catching waves and I guarantee you it will be way easier and friendly than what your ridding. I was on a 6-0 rusty before this and "huge" difference. Improved my surfing x10.
    Go for the 5-6 spit!


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      Hey bro! Thanks for the advice! I actually found a 5'8 pretty cheap in perfect condition 2nd hand so got it, the waves are super small at the moment on the gold coast so i figured it would make a good high performance grovellor... it does feel like its got a bit of volume to it but im sure il stil be able to duck dive it etc and bully it about in turns... my general thinking was i will be able to sell it on for basically the same price so might hit up a hellfire soon... gonna test drive some boards out of firewire currumbin soon! especially when the surf picks up which it should soon, and if i really love the spit i might just downsize on that or il go for something like 5'8 hellfire..... il let you know how it goes!!!