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Spitfire sizing for 210 pounds

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  • Spitfire sizing for 210 pounds


    I was wondering what size Spit to get... I'm 6'3, 210 pounds dry, 38 yrs old, and intermediate/advanced ability. I mostly surf LA county beach breaks - Venice/el porto/Zuma/County line.
    I was looking at the 6'2 or the 6'0, although I feel that the 6'0 may be a hair small... also going into the season when I will be wearing a 4/3 wetsuit, so that will probably add a couple of pounds....
    I plan on using it from waist to a little overhead beach breaks... mostly walled and racy, somewhat punchy...

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    Volume calculator would put you on a 6.0, 6.2


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      Walled and racy you said... if you wanna stick to the spitfire the 6'2" might suffice at your skill level but for the waves you are intending to ride have you considered the hellfire)


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        I'd have said 6'2" to 6'4" as a general answer, so noting your preferences and ability level I'd say 6'2".


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          Think about a HF or even JK for those kinds of waves. My JK does all but grovel, then I need the spit. I surfed my JK today in waist to shoulder high waves with a bit of suck and it was like a rocket. I surfed almost the same conditions yesterday with my spit and at the first bottom turn you notice the spit accelerate and take off, with the JK it just seems to accelerate immediately from take off.


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            Yeah i am going to echo buzzy's comment and say the 602, especially if you held the 600 and it felt a little small. I think you'll appreciate the added volume of the 602 and I actually don't see it preventing any performance from someone of your ability and size.