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    Hi guys:

    I'm Marc; from Mallorca. 42 years old, 178cm and 70 Kg (dry) in good fitness. I began to surf 4 years ago (longboard) and 2 years ago I jumped to smaller board surf. I bought a dominator RF 6'02'' and I have had a lot of fun on it. Some months ago I bought a baked Potato 5'05'' for windy or smaller days, and it really works with waves dominator doesn't. But last months, I'm feeling both boards are too much big for me, when I want to move them, when pumping and when moving from one side to the other side of the board(I don`t know the word in english, in spanish we say TACONEAR). With both boards is really easy to paddle and to catch waves (each one in its conditions) and I wouldn't like to lose this characteristics.
    Well,my questions are:
    What do you think about buying a spitfire 5'08'' (or may be 5'10'').
    What do you think about changing the 5'05'' baked potato for a 5'03'' or even for a 5'01''?

    Many Thanks

    PSCPT: I already have a flexflight 8'00'' and it is not a small classic longboard. It is a long performance board. I love it in big days (I'm in Mediterraneo Sea).

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    Hey Marc
    508 spit would be plenty big for you. I ride 508 and am 10+ kg heavier than you. Floats and paddles fine for me but probably on the small side for grovel conditions. You could go 506 but I guess you're wanting a smaller weaker wave option?

    If you want it for bigger waves (before you drag out that 8 footer) you might consider rather looking at the Hellfire 510 or Hellrazor 511 or 601?
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      yup yup!!! agree there!