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Best futures for the Spitfire.

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  • Best futures for the Spitfire.

    Before i purchase my spitfire I want to know what kind of fins would work well with this board. I am fairly certain I will be riding it as a quad but what future fins should i get for the board? Rasta Quads? Stamp Quads? 5 Fin suggestions? I am 6'1 190lbs. Looking to get a lot of speed on my board but to have it loose enough to make sharp snaps.

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    I ride my SF as a 5 fin, FCS R2 + a small stab. It goes fast and turns easy. I believe the Rusty Futures are similar to the FCS Rusty R2 quad set.


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      Does anyone have the rasta quads? If so could you tell me your opinion of them?


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        I currently ride my spit with EA techflex thruster set and it's fast and smooth.

        As for quad, I heard the following setups were good:

        - Solus fronts with Controller rears
        - Pancho fronts with Controller rears

        SA4 Simon Anderson Quad might be another option



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          I have the Rusty 5 fin set. I switch from quads to tris every now and then. It's a good setup. Loose but with lots of control when you need it. I'd put them in the "all around" category.


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            Originally posted by mmaff View Post
            Does anyone have the rasta quads? If so could you tell me your opinion of them?
            Hey mmaff, I got Rasta quads as my first set of fins with my spitfire, was also my first Futures board. I don't like them so much, but maybe it's just me. I find them not drivey enough and probably too small for my weight. So far I like Solus tri the best on the spit but to be honest I've not experimented fully yet as preferred to use my other boards in bigger waves. I have been liking Am2 and SA as thruster on my other boards. I recommend at your weight you go for SA 5 set or Am2 5 set. That way you have tri or quad option and I think both these fin sets have great speed and drive but with enough release.


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              yeah you are going to get a lot of good suggestions, and no single suggestion is meant to be the end all. just chat with the folks in the shop about what fins do what and see if you can get close.