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5'8 Spitfire - fins ?

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  • 5'8 Spitfire - fins ?

    Haven't got to test the Spitfire enough to tell how the fins go yet. Only tried it with PC5 and PC7 until now, but the waves haven't been good enough to actually test the board or the fins. One thing is for sure though, the tail is wide and you need to get your back foot on the sweet spot... guess it will take some time to get used to it, as I've used my Alternator quite a bit lately. Anyway, I was curious about how much difference there actually was on the different fin models, so I tried to use Layers in Photoshop and I've posted the images below. Still not sure about if I should get the K3 of AM-2 for my Spitfire, have to test out the PC5 and PC7 first to get an idea on what they might be missing. What is the general idea on such a short and wide board (especially the tail), normal to need bigger base, depth, rake ?

    PC5 and PC7:
    pc5. pc7.jpg

    K3 and AM-2:
    am2, k3.jpg

    Animated gif of both photos:
    pc5-pc7, k3-am2gif.jpg

    And here's my new 5'8 Spitfire :)

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    stoked Erling. glad you have a new sled.

    soooo in my opinion, the 508 Spitfire should have a more versatile fin than the AM-2 or the K-3s. Those have a lot of sweep and your hybrid wants to be snappy and loose, well in my opinion. I would say have a look at the K2.1s, the JW-1s and the SF4s as well. They are fins with a little less sweep, fast but still loose...



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      Well, the JW-1s seems quite similar to the PC5, and with at smaller center... so yes I guess it will be loose, but I think the drive and speed in softer waves will be less..... When comparing the JW-1 to the AM-2 the template is quite similar, but the AM-2 have a bit more base and tip.... they both have a smaller center fin.

      Think I'll test the PC5, and if they lack drive/speed I'll try the PC7 with a PC5 center... and if that works ok I'll get the K3 or AM-2. If the PC5 work well or feel too stiff I might consider the JW-1s. Want to keep the PC5s in my Alternator, swapping them around from board to board takes to much time ;) But then again I might end up putting the K3s or AM-2s in the Alternator and keep the PC5 in the Spitfire..... HA! too many options!;)

      A loose board is always fun, but I hate not having drive and getting the speed I want. The SF4 will probably work good as well, and I'll try them out too, but it seems like most people like the spitfire as a thruster, so I'll try to find the setup that works for me :) the PC SF4s is reserved for the Sweet Potato anyways ;)

      JW-1 center:
      Base: 4.29" / 109mm
      Depth: 4.50" / 114mm
      Area: 14.06"˛ / 9070 mm˛

      AM-2 center:
      Base: 4.34" / 110mm
      Depth: 4.41" / 112mm
      Area: 13.72"˛ / 8852mm˛

      PC-5 and JW-1:
      pc5, jw1.jpg

      AM-2 and JW-1:
      am2, jw1.jpg
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        I think the H2 quads or the H3 are goimg to give you some fun. I remember having them on my Dominator and they made my board pretty loose


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          Oh no, no more options! ;)
          I did like the SF4 in my dominator as well, but only in crappy conditions... too much speed in better waves and had a hard time controlling the board and digging the rail/tail in. Probably pilot error, but that was how it felt for me.

          K3 and JW-1:
          jw1, k3.jpg
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            Have a look at this video: I think it looks like he surfs better with the AM-2, looks like has more pivot but still keeps the speed.. ?

            Anyway.... internet surfing is not as fun as surfing waves... hope there'll be some good surf soon....


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              true erring, i must say, though, that I like to try stuff in addition, and at least in my own experience, on smaller waves with a hybrid, I like looser, more playful fins.



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                The Solus, love the hatchet, gives it a nice little loose touch to the board


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                  yeah good call. the solus fins are cool...retro feeling with a dash of progression.


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                    i tried the g-am pc fins this week on my dom and they went really well.. love the drive off those fins and they help to carry speed through the turns.. a lot of pros ride the g-am on there hybrid types


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                      Stretch quads are amazing on a SF. Love them in mine.


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                          Been trying the SF4 GF fins that came with the board, but for some reason it I just didn't like it that much... just got the PC K3s, and I really like them. Not as drivey as a quad, but if the waves are weak I'll be on my SP. The K3s also release quite well, all in all a great thruster set for my 5'8 Spitfire :)

                          Been using my potato in all conditions lately, a bit too much actually... but now with the right fins the spitfire finally work like I want it to and will be used a lot more in the future :D


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                            Yeah, big fan of those K3s in the Spitfire. Try throwing in the SF4 quad rears with the K3 fronts. Could be magic... could suck, but worth a try!


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                              always worth a try!