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Spitfire Sizing for someone 6'2 / 158lbs

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  • Spitfire Sizing for someone 6'2 / 158lbs

    I've been doing way too much research on the forums, and I'm hoping that I can get a few quick opinions on proper sizing. I'm actually 6'2.5 (if that makes any difference), and with a full suit I'm probably around 163 lbs. I'd say I'm in excellent physical condition, so staying out for 3 hours and paddling all over the place isn't an issue. As for skill, somewhere in the gray area between intermediate and advanced. I'm especially confident on late drops, so the shorter size (5'6) isn't as much of an issue in that respect.

    I have a a 5'7 groveler now (not a Firewire), but it's really high volume . . . more like a big rectangle. The 5'7 length feels comfortable, but 5'6 just seems like it might be pushing it (just based on my height). The volume on a 5'8 Spitfire is definitely above what the Volume Calculator recommends, but I'm sure that it won't be the end of the world or anything.

    Thanks in advance for any insight. Looks like Chito has somewhat similar dimensions and he is charging a 5'6 in well-overhead conditions, so that is good to know!

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    Yeah the 5'6" is going to be plenty of volume for you, but it will feel short. I'm 6'0" on a 5'7" and it feel short as soon as the waves get towards headhigh.
    If you're somewhere with punchier waves and a good surfer in good shape I'd be looking at the 5'8" Hellfire and I think you'll be able to make that work in small stuff just fine.


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      Thanks so much for the feedback. Very interesting mod on the Spitfire btw! In the last post, I should have stated my intended use for this board. I'm trying to find a board that will work well when the waves get a bit punchier and bigger here in Socal (Newport / Huntington / San Clemente). This will mainly be used in waist high to head high waves that are on the hollower side.

      I've been eyeing the Hellfire as well, and you're right that could definitely be a solution. I'm going to try to demo the 5'6/5'8 Spitfire and 5'8 Hellfire in the next three weeks as well. The long term plan is to have a Hellfire and a Spitfire; I'm just trying to figure out which one to get first!

      At the moment, I'm thinking that the Spitfire will put more of a smile on my face for the majority of the conditions that we get around here. However, I snapped my high performance 6'1, so I do need something that can be ridden when the waves get a few feet overhead here until I really build out my quiver again. At the moment, I'm actually used to riding my 5'7 rectangular groveler in overhead waves, so anything with a slimmer outline (like a Spitfire) should be a breeze after dropping in on that thing (barely any rocker).


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        scotty where do you live and how are your local waves? I would base my board choice on that and the fact that we are getting somewhat close to seasons changing... Maybe the coming waves would make one better than the other??


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          Thanks for the response Chris. I'm in SoCal as well - Newport Beach. I usually surf either in Newport, Huntington, or Laguna. I think that I'm really looking for something that can hang when the waves get punchier in the wast to head high (and a bit above) zone. I'm actually demo'ing a 5'10 Hellfire at the moment, and I'm going to surf it again tonight. I took it out yesterday (some pretty hollow overhead sets), and it was a ton of fun. I'm actually thinking that I could pull off a 5'8 though! I'm used to riding this 5'7 that barely has any rocker, so the Hellfire was a walk in the park in these waves. Dropping in was so easy, and I had tons of speed from the get go. It will be nice to try it tonight since the waves are falling off pretty quickly, so this will give me an idea of how it works in waist-shoulder stuff.

          I also recently found a 6'0 Stealth FST on Craigslist for a pretty great price, so now that model is in my head as well lol