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  • Step up potential?

    I have a couple of Timbertek boards but lack something that I can use when it's big bumpy onshore at my local point break. I am 6'2" and 190lbs and was looking at the 7'2" Seaxe for this role but can't find much info on the Seaxe and particularly the smaller version. Any thoughts on how it will perform on lumpy swell?

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    I ended up buying the 7'2" and it has replaced my TT Evo as my go to board. The Seaxe at 7'2" is super fast on the paddling and very easy and predictable on takeoff. It surfs really well in 1-2' as a quad (medium siize EA Blackstix) and for larger waves I switch to a 7" CFS2 fin and small sidebites. This setup is slightly slower to paddle and to swing the board around in the lineup but on bigger waves it makes the board track superbly. The rails are remarkably thin for the size of the board, much thinner than on my 6' SF and really holds well in turns. Same magic there as the Chumlee, with thin rails holdimg the board through wide turns like you are on rails.

    I have taken the Seaxe out in 5'-7' onshore and it was magical. You can paddle into the flat waveface without oroblems and the extended waterline provides a lot of primary stability on the choppy faces. Duck diving is a breeze too even with 47l of volume as the volume is spread evenly it is easy to get the nose under and to follow the board as you dive.