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    Had some extra cash so splurged on a new 602 Sci Fi. Been riding the 511 Omni, which for me took a little while to dial it in. Really found the Omni to excel in overhead point break surf. Worked good as a Quad and really good as a thruster in good quality surf. So with my new 602 Sci Fi, I started with John John Large Thrusters. Felt good, but nothing unreal. To be fair, the surf was my local wind swell reef break that can be occasionally flat faced and semi mushy. Decided to put in Pancho front fins with the 4.15 quad rears. Holy Smokes the board turned on!! Especially when the waves had more push and steeper sections to hit. Believe the hype, this is a keeper board. Now just waiting for my favorite right point to start firing again to see how she handles in comparison to the Omni. Either way, stoked I got the board!!

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    You know your post REALLY doesn't help when I'm trying hard to be fiscally responsible and say no to that sci-phi on gumtree 🙂
    Glad to read the stoke and excitement; I'm sure 'only a surfer knows...' can be applied to the feeling and range of emotions you go through with a new magic board. Can't wait for your view on the omni vs sci-phi.
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      Well done!! Great board to have!!!

      Ride mine with quad setup too as my only (!!!) quad board in my quiver. Felt either slow or too loose with thruster, irrespective of fins I used. Had best time with FireWire fronts (large, flat foiled, large base, small tip, some take) and small or medium performers quad rears (fcs2 system).


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        Yeah Apache. I rode rode this board about 4 times so far, mostly in average waves. I did feel the same regarding the thruster feeling too slow and loose. And that was with Pancho future fins!! Hopefully I get too ride this board soon in good quality surf to really feel it out.