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  • Quad-5 vs Futura

    First a little background info, I am 5"9 and 165lbs. I live on the east coast of the US near the outer banks. So, most of the time the surf is smaller wind swell, however we do get our share of good surf during hurricane season. I am looking to replace my 6'3" Al Merrick Flyer 2 model in tuflite construction. The volume of that board is listed at 30 cc. I love the shape of the board, especially the swallow tail, but am left a little wanting of the flex found in PU and Firewire boards. I currently own a 5'10" FST Spitfire that I use in the smaller surf. This board would primarily be used when the surf gets bigger and more vertical.

    I had a question for the about the differences between the Quad-5 and the Futura (only boards with a swallow tail??). I would be looking at a 6'2" Quad-5 vs a 6'0" Futura. From what I can tell both boards have been described as being similar to the Alternator. I haven't yet seen the Quad 5 in person, but my local shop does have a 6'0" Futura. The Futura feels a lot different than my Spitfire (not sure why the Spitfire is listed under a different category than the Dominator because it is a lot more similar to it than the Futura and Stealth). It seems to have a lot less bulk and slight single concave with some added tail rocker. How does this board compare and differ from the Quad-5? My assumption would be more entry and tail rocker on the Quad-5 with a little harder rail, would I be correct? What would be the adv vs disadv of both boards given what I am trying to replace?


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    I think the main different is the Futura has the wide point a little further forward where as the quadra5 has a central wide point. I'd say the Q5 would have a little more rocker also but I'm not certain about that.
    I think if you're gearing towards better surf the Q5 is a better choice whereas if you were looking for an all rounder then the Futura has a little more low end than the Q5.


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      I compared the Q-5 to the Futura at a shop, between those two, Q-5 is the way to go for more performance and larger waves. Q-5 the rails are thinner and less forgiving, but give a good bite when turning/carving hard. Q-5 nose is narrower, so less chance of it catching in the face of the wave on a late drop.

      Dont forget the Activator has a swallow tail, pulled in more or so than the Dominator and the spitfire.


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        yeah good stuff folks. the quadra 5 also is a little more drawn out so you certainly would be riding it longer. i think the futura has far more versatility in smaller conditions while the quadra 5 certainly a true high-performance shortboard!



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          I've ordered a Quadrafive now (6'6"). When its available I'll be well placed to compare and contrast with the Futura and Alternator (since I already own both!).


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            yeah buzzy!


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              Nice, looks very much like the Webber Afterburner. What is the bottom contour?


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                I haven't got it yet but I'm assuming a mellow single concave like most of the earlier models. I gather in rocker and bottom contours its basically the same as the Alt but with a different outline and fin configuration.


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                  Originally posted by prjwebb View Post
                  I think the main different is the Futura has the wide point a little further forward where as the quadra5 has a central wide point...
                  Just on the widepoint for these boards the blurb on the Futura states the wide point is "back of center" and similarly for the Quad-5:
                  We've pushed the wide point back slightly to create a fuller tail, while still maintaining an even curve throughout.
                  though I think the futura probably has a bit more area forward for added versatility. Anyone run it through the compare utility?


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                    Based on a comparison of a 6'4" Futura and 6'6" Quadrafive the Futura is markedly wider in the nose. That's the most obvious difference between the two on the factors featured on board compare. Also, the Futura is wider generally, but the nose width does seem to be the major area of difference.

                    I assume the QF has more rocker than the Futura but obviously more centre volume. I'm guessing the rails will be similar although its earlier been mentioned the QF's rails are more refined.


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                      Ok, I finally took delivery of my 6'6" Q5. I'm a 90kg intermediate. I really like this board. I was looking for a 6'6" just like an Alternator but with a little more width. I thought "rather than ordering a CBD Alternator why not get a stock Q5 which has the width and volume I want, and I'll get that much quicker that a CBD Alt?" Great theory...12 weeks later I took delivery of the Q5. I'm sure a CBD Alt would have arrived in much the same timeframe.

                      So bearing in mind I was basically sfter a 6'6", 20" wide Alt, how does it go? It goes like I imagine a 6'6" swallow tail Alt with a 5 fin option would go; it rips. For me it felt really comfortable from the get go. I'm sure it will rip from waist to 2x overhead. At the lower end though it would need a pretty hollow wave - realistically its a board for chest high and up. It could easily be a good surfer's one board quiver, IMHO.

                      I also own a 6'4" Futura, which hasn't gelled with me after owning it for nearly a year. There's not an awful lot between the boards in some senses but the big differences are in the width, rocker and volume. The Futura carries 0.75" extra width, which is quite a lot. It has a flatter rocker but if anything it's nose and tail are more refined than the Q5. It has about 2 less litres of volume than my Q5. I find the Futura and Q5 paddle about the same across the flats. So far I am finding the Q5 is just a touch earlier into a wave because of, I imagine, it's extra volume. The Futura is unarguably faster across the wave on takeoff, which would be attributed to its width and relatively flatter rocker. Except that initial paddle in issue the Futura has a much lower end than the Q5. I reckon a good surfer could work this board in even knee high and up - certainly waist high and up. The boards probably have a similar top end but I do really "feel" the width of the Futura in more solid waves. The width doesn't seem to get in the way, but I feel its presence.

                      The Q5 is more a back foot board than the Futura, which surfers favouring a front foot style would love.

                      Both are excellent boards. The Q5 seems to suit my preferences better, but a more front footed surfer would probably favour the Futura. Having said that, the Futura would probably be a better all rounder. It could definitely be a one board quiver except big boppers over 95kg might need to look elsewhere.
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                        thanks for the words buzzy!!


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                          Thanks Chris. I hope all is well with your family.

                          Just a quick update on the Futura, which I surfed this morning in 1-2 foot waves. I'm definitely feeling the love more consistently. This board more than any other I have owned is super forgiving on foot position. I pulled a closeout reentry today and I felt liek I was pulling an old school cheater five! I wasn't of course but my front foot was waaaaaay forward of where it should be. It was one of those take off, bottom turn, closeout reo kind of waves and with my feet landing in the wrong spot there was no time to adjust - I thought for sure I'd get bucked off but no - successful reo followed by hair flick claim - just kidding.

                          The other thing I thought I'd mention is the board maintains speed when stuck in the soup better than any board I have had other than a 7'4", 22" wide monolith. One wave this morning I was stuck behind the soup for around 10 seconds. Most boards would give up momentum well before then and you'd bail. This board just kept on motoring until it hit the face again. Stoked.

                          So I'm feeling more love. It's definitely a front foot board, and I'm a back foot surfer. I'm pretty confident the Unibrow would be a better small to medium wave board for me. But there's no rush with this quality board in the quiver.


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                            Interesting Buzzy. Do you think because the Q5 is somewhat similar to the Futura (though biased more towards your preferences) that it has helped unlock some of the sweetness in the Futura?


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                              That's a good point - I hadn't thought of that. There might indeed be something to that.

                              What I would mainly put it down to prior to your suggestion is more aggressive paddling. My other boards carried 5 litres more volume and I surfed them more often. While the Futura paddled fine I was just getting into waves late. I don't know how many times I was taking off with the lip. If be making the drop but at my age I just need a touch of extra time to get my feet beneath me. I was paddling with the intensity needed for a 40 litre board, not 35.

                              So today I just paddled harder. I got into waves earlier and everything is easier after that.

                              On bigger days this early entry thing doesn't arise - its when waves have less push.

                              Anyway, it may also have something to do with the similarities as well. They're both great boards, but I do feel the Futura is more a front footed surfer's board.