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Quadraflex 6'2 WANTED Gen 1 HELP!

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  • Quadraflex 6'2 WANTED Gen 1 HELP!

    Had a 6'2 quadraflex for 3 years which is hands down the best board I have ever had, surfed it in 2 foot mush at home to 8 foot points in in Morocco and El Sal. Got a hole in it recently and the fix is very heavy. Ordered a new 6'2 online and the volume has changed way too much for me. 23/8 to 21/2 doesn't sound like much but the board felt totally different so I sent it back.
    To the Firewire boys - 'find your perfect board and you can get it again and again...' Apparently not! Do you have any Gen 1 in stock I can buy or the Gen 1 CNC details to get an gen1 custom built?

    Or, does anyone have one they want to sell. Had the same problem with the alternator, new 6'2 has too much vol IMO, luckily I found a lightly used Gen 1 on ebay.
    I'll pay good money and take care of any shipping. Gutted if I can't find this board again. It has never let me down and taken me to places I didn't think I'd get. H E L P !!

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    Im not sure if it's something that they do, but it's possible that the original file is still in the system.
    You're in the UK right? I saw youR ad on eBay.


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      Slowdown angusd, no need to fire shots across the bow. boards evolve. that's the way it goes. That being said, we always go out of our way to help people get the boards they want, especially if we have built it in the past.

      If you want to post the dims and the serial number of your board I'll see what can be done.



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        Thanks for responding Chris, I put an ad out on ebay and quickly picked up 2 used, in good condition and cheap. Re 1st post - That's not a shot across the bow mate, shapes 'evolving' or otherwise, it's a fair point and where I come from a spades a spade. No offence intended. Thanks for the offer of help, appreciate it. Angus