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  • Pyzalien purchase

    So I've finally picked up an as good as new pyzalien for half price here in the UK. Was going to go for 5'8 cause of the full rail but nothing wrong with an extra litre so went 5'9. If the rail is bulky and nose full like the spitfire, all well and good. Plan to use from chest up as it's a little long for my liking to grovel on, plus I have a trusty 5'6 spitfire for knee to chest. Planning on just using my go to FCS 2 carver 5 fin set yet any preference with this board going better as a thruster or quad.

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    I ride mine truster all the time.
    Tried MB quad, but the board gets to drivey. For me quads only work in barrels with no turns.
    the PZ has a very straight outline. So you must turn with your foot in the center back fin
    Hope that helps


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      Yeah now I've seen the board in reality​, I probably would only ride it as a thruster. Shape is very similar to the lost sub scorcher Firewire did.

      Not sure why they claim this model is a groveller. With 5" of nose rocker and 2" tail. That board will more that handle couple foot overhead.