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Pyzalien float Vs rail thickness

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  • Pyzalien float Vs rail thickness

    Looking at trying one of these in a 5'8.
    A lot of the negative ride comments on here but I think people have been going wrong on size.

    Believe this board is quite thick throughout? Not seen one but based on actual volume, the 5'8 is 25.9. I usually ride 27l on the dot yet in the past, the 5'6 lost V2 at 26.2l felt more floaty than my LSD 5'8 at im a firm believer that rail thickness can make a board feel more boyant.

    I don't want to go any bigger that a 5'8 yet just wanted to know people's thoughts. I'm 70kg, been surfing for 20+ years, strong paddler, intermediate surfer.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Been riding a PZ for the last year and a half.
    Can say is the best stubby shortboard I ever had. Had a unibrow before that I liked. But the PZ has more drive and directional control.
    Rails are thick for the thickness of the board, but they are fine. You have a long rail line that will hold your board.
    Step on the tail and that exit rocker makes it loose.
    I have the rounded square version. swallow will help put the back of the board underwater if you are not as heavy.
    Hope that helped


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      Hi Baker. I'm 6'3 and 200lbs. I have a 6'1 pyzalien at 31.6L. Personally, I think the rails are so thick that if you're an intermediate/advanced surfer, you should go one size smaller than your normal performance board. I usually ride around 31/32L and if I had could choose again, I would go for the 6'0 pyzalien.

      I find the PZ has a lot of drive. Not my favourite board ever, but definitely not a bad board for going the line. Works really well in lined up waves.


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        Thanks for your inputs, I was probably a little over the top saying about its negativity, more people just didn't get on with it, I guess it's still a HP shape at the end of the day and when shops describe it as a groveller, you have to take that with a pince of salt.

        I've just been hit with a miniscule tear in my knee so doubt I'll be back in the sea for a few months now anyway, need surgery and rehab, then an easier shape like the spitfire or something to wean me back to fitness. The joys of getting old(er).
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          I have a PU pyzalien, it's a 6'0 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8 . 31.3 liters of volume, absolutely loving it, I'm considering getting a FAST version to travel but the sizes are different , should I go 6'1 at 31.6 liters or the same 6'0 but at a lower volume I believe it's 30 liters


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                Definitely 6'0