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  • Pyzalien Review

    Hi all,

    I am 38 years old, 76kg and an experienced surfer (25+yrs surfing, competitively at regional level). I ordered the 5'10 Pyzalien which has 28.4l of Volume (around the higher end of my range). I have surfed it +/- 10 times and can honestly say that I believe this to be my best Firewire to date (I have owned the Hellrazor, Spitfire and Unibrow). I have been fortunate enough to put it through its pacers in pretty good waves in the 2-8ft range at Jbay over the last month or so. In the smaller stuff I have used a thruster setup (FCS2 Carvers M) and when the surf got solid I popped in the quad (FCS K2.1).

    If there is 1 word I could choose to describe this board I would have to say dependable.

    It has great off the bat speed, holds beautifully off the bottom with great drive and projection and off the top it does what you want (release or hold depending on the turn you have done). It also accelerates nicely out of turns and makes the linking of turns a breeze. It really does what you want it to do - no funny quirks or weird characteristics - super smooth. I like the board with both fin setups as mentioned above depending on conditions.

    I would recommend this board to well..... practically anyone. If you get the correct volume (your normal short board volume - no Tomo style volume drops) then this board is easily suited to your weekend warrior low intermediate to your red hot ripper. A very user friendly board that has been so much fun to surf (so much so that I have sold ALL my other boards and will be building my quiver around this beauty). It handled 2-3 ft fun waves all the way to heaving 6-8ft drainers (it handled the solid stuff way better than I expected) - this could even be a 1 board quiver if your range doesn't get much bigger than double overhead.

    Hope this helps any of you who may be undecided


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    i agree.100 percent.quiver killer


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      i want one of these even though i have a chedda. think the different foam distribution and bottom differences will make it a different enough ride to justify the purchase.. i also enjoyed the razor and unibrow as well.. still trying to find that one board that i'm totally content with above the waist high range.. have the potatonator for waist and under


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        kdropin.... slab?


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          Howzit Marty, I liked the DOM 506 on a test surf but want more performance and was looking at a unibrow - please tell me how the unibrow compares to the pyzalien? - it is for a one board travel lightly quiver.


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            Hi Yomar,

            Prior to my Pyzalien I was riding a 5'8 Unibrow.

            From my perspective the Pyzalien keeps all the Hybridish benefits of the Unibrow (speed off the mark and ease of use) but adds a performance element that the Uni doesn't quite get to. All in all it does everything the Uni can do but adds quite a few extra's. I think the low end is there or there abouts but definitely the Pyzalien has a better high end. As mentioned above, this is as close to a 1 board quiver as I have ever had. I have yet to chat to anyone who has 1 and doesn't love it!!


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              Thanks Marty - great input - I'm looking forward to getting my first Pyzel then :-D


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                I rode a test board in my perfect volume range, rode it in a variety of conditions mostly below head high average waves, both as a thruster and quad.

                My verdict= its a weird balanced board, fair bit of tail rocker, low rocker in nose, quite a bit of foam in the nose area, hence paddles pretty good, surfing wise it felt okay, far from the worse board I've risen but also far from the best. (I've the about ten FW boards I've ridden my fav is still the Hellfire)

                But that said boards are like anything in life, everyone has different taste and what works for one doesn't work for another.


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                  Dude, I also really like my new 5'11 Pyzalien. Fun board for sure.


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                    just to ad to my review......tried various fins and yes, it does make a difference,but won't turn this board into a high performance stick. Then again the short boards I usually surf (6'1 - 6'3, 18 3/8 - 18 1/2, 2 3/8) won't work for most people because it requires hard rail to rail surfing. Surfed properly, they go twice as fast as the Pyzalien and project super fast on the rails, but a beginner/intermediate will most probably not enjoy them. So which FW is a real high performance board.
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                      Have any of you experience of the # and can compare the two?
                      I'm looking to replace my very loved Hellfire.


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                        really interesting thread, shows how much individual taste plays a central role in assessing a board/shape even for advanced surfers, and maybe how quiver background comes into play. When I came off a RNF type board that was "nice" to my Dom-style SA mollusc, the speed of the latter blew my mind. Would I have come from a VG, a might have been disappointed even though the mollusc might fit me better. Never rode the pyzalian, but with the deep double concave plus tail rocker I would expect it to excel as alrounder with a good lower end, but not as a step up. And from a "control" perspective, a spot on (low volume) sized HF with its low step rail plus diamond tail plus lower tail rocker the HF means a lot more bite in the right wave range than the PZy. Quanik: The # has all aforementioned elements of tail shape than its fatter brother, the HF, so there will/should be more bite, more control than a pyzalian IMHO - but at the cost of looseness that comes with tail rocker and, maybe, initial down the line speed, that could be a tad better with the pyzalian thanks to wider nose/more parallel rails and pyzels genius in shaping fast rocker templates..... Just my 2 cents


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                          Thanks for the answer Coastandtoast! It was very helpful!
                          You confirm my thoughts about the #. I really liked the diamond tail on the HF, and how it feels of the top. I will have to decide how important that will be for my next stick.




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                            Hey Guys, I thought I'd come back and share my Pyzalien experience with you.
                            I'm 43, good surfer, 72kg, surfed in a 3.2 fullsuit, 2-3 foot junky beachbreak waves. I got the 510 Pyzalien and it didn't go for me at all! The 28.4 volume was WAY too much! I felt I could have gone down two sizes! The board at that volume was neither quick nor responsive nor magic in any way. I rode my old PU small wave board (same volume, around 28l) around it 4 times because I couldn't believe the Pyzalien wasn't working for me and my old board was heaps better. It's not the board's fault, I just wanted to share that you should / must go a lot lower volume than PU boards otherwise you'll feel like you're surfing an over-buoyant tank that goes straight! Sorry for the kinda negative feedback but it's just about volume and I felt I wanted to share this with the FW community.

                            For me it's back to square one as far a choosing a one quiver board goes - and I'm going to go for heaps more performance and lower volume next.
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                            • Jaked
                              Jaked commented
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                              It's not the volume...this board just doesn't go. I've now tried it in all conditions...big/small/perfect/onshore...everything, plus various fins, but the damn thing is sooo lethargic. Sure it can get up to speed with a bit of effort, but as soon as it goes on the rail it just kinda cruises through the turn, doesn't project at all. Tried an old board yesterday which was always a very average board, but one of those one's you keep because it's reliable. It felt like I was on the best board ever after getting used to the Pyzalien for a month. But....many good reviews means others like it, so I guess best is to try it out first...a luxury we don't have in SA.
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                            Thanks Yomar. I really appreciate the honest feedback. The "all positive" reviews get questionable at times.

                            I hear what your saying about the volume. That design takes the thickness all the way to the rails, so I was thinking that I should be careful not to go to big. I'm 80kg and have my eye on the 5'10. Thanks again for the confirmation.