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Potatonator vs. Spitfire?? Which one is best for me?

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  • Potatonator vs. Spitfire?? Which one is best for me?

    Guys looking for some help on board and sizes!
    My Firewire quiver is currently a 508 sweet potato (RF) and a 601 El Fuego (FST).
    I live and surf in the UK, where the main waves I ride are roughly 1-3ft, thick, and not overly powerful. On better days we can be lucky with 4-6ft.
    For the small days the SP is perfect, I love it, and would surf it in anything if I could, however on the bigger days, it doesnt have the hold in the wave, and the back slips out.
    At present im really struggling with the 601 El Fuego, and struggle getting in to waves (purely down to paddle strength), so surf sessions are not overly enjoyable, so im thinking a touch more volume is needed!
    I'm an intermediate surfer (trim down the line, put top and bottom turns together), 6ft tall and weigh 72kg and a good level of fitness.
    I've been looking at the Spitfire for quite some time, most likely a 604, however the local surf shop has just got the Potatonator in and it seems like this could also be a contender.
    From the board, im looking for wave count, but still keeping some performance in there.
    Any help and advice is appreciated!

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    Fancy selling the fuego


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      Wave count definitely the potatonator, but the spitfire will handle bigger stuff better. How do you feel the potato flotation wise?


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        if you are keeping the El Fuego, i feel the potatonator will better suit you and fill the gap between your boards...