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Potatonator is good for beginner?

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  • Potatonator is good for beginner?


    I am from Korea and i've been surfing 2 years.

    In Korea waves are weak and small usually 2' - 3'.

    i was going to get SP but i heard SP is too fast and hard to take off for beginner.

    How is potatonator? is it good for small and weak waves?

    Or should i get SP and work on that?


    i have firewire 9' and arakawa's 510 fish

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    The Potatonato is definately an easier board to surf for a beginner and if you are surfing weak 2-3ft or even upto 4-5ft waves the Potatonator will handle it no problems even if the waves are punchie. It is a really good hybrid that can seem to handle a pretty good range of waves.

    It is very forgiving and will surf either of your front or back will be stoked with it.

    You probably need to mention your height and weight so that people on the forum can chip in with a possible size reccomendation and you can also use the volume calculator here as a starting point to help find the right size board fopr you and your conditions.


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      68kg 5'9 31 Yrs


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        How's your surf on the 5'10" fish?. Any troubles on the take off?


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          i am having little trouble take off on 510 fish getting balance.

          Thankyou for helping me out.


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            Probably cause you are going from one extreme to the other one on the board. I would go for the Domiantor 6'0" to help you with the balance r even better, the Addvance 6'6", that will work like a charm and will help you with the transition between longboard and short board. Your balance problem should be due to shorten too much in too little time. The Addvance will be a great stable paddler which will help you catch more waves and have quite a bit of fun on them.


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              yeah good stuff Iggy, I agree!!