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    Having very nearly bought a spitfire after asking probably far to many questions in that forum, I've realized that with my ancient 6,1 wade tokoro (which is awesome when it nears head high) it makes far more sense for me to have a board for smaller and weaker conditions.. I was looking at either the baked potato or the potatonator, but figure the potatonator is far more versatile and comes in the stronger FST to boot.

    I'm an intermediate surfer (comfortable up to just overhead, can trim down the line, learning to pump properly to generate speed, and can make some mellow turns on the face) living in Vancouver (so I can't surf all that regularly). I've been surfing for 6-7 years but never consistently so my progression has been slow-ish.

    I've ridden a couple of the shorter, fatter hybrids and been really stoked on them (I had an old 5,4 rocket a buddy gave me which i loved, but it's unrideable now) so am pretty much set on either a 5,6 or 5,8 potatonator, leaving the wade tokoro for a the rarer days when it's overhead. I'm about 6foot, 22yo, 156lbs and being in the NW i'm always in a full 5/4 wintersuit, boots, gloves, hood etc

    The surf here is usually anywhere from knee to head high, so that's kinda the range i'm aiming for, and am leaning towards the 5,6 with Futures Elevons given quite a few guys here around the 175lbs mark are on it, but better surfers than me and I'm worried a 5,8 will feel too chunky. Any advice would be awesome!

    The break I surf most often looked like this last time (smaller day for sure):


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    any advice?


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      Your question/s were answered on another thread you posted on I believe.


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        Sorry, I had a search and didn't see where..?


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          I'd go 506 unless your aiming to primarily use it in the smallest and weakest of waves.
          If I was getting one to use instead of a Sweet Potato I'd go 508 and to use instead of a Dom/Spitfire I'd go 506.


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