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  • Potatonator stoke

    Just an absurdly stoked post about the Potatonator. I had bought a 6'2" recently. I'm somewhere between "beginner" and "intermediate". I usally longboard & have a few health issues that keep me from more aggressive shortboarding.

    I surf out at West Newport, CA, where most surfers don't bother if it's a mushed-out mess. I took the potatonator out today and had one of the best sessions of my life!

    I'm 41 years old, average shape. I caught a couple of nice waves. My thoughts while riding the wave were, "OMG I'm shortboarding",
    "I'm glad I can surf this board"
    "Is anybody watching me", and "Yeah I'm shortboarding!!!"
    (Yeah I know it's a "hybrid". The point is to impress my friends who don't know the difference)

    There were a couple of guys kicking around a ball on the beach, looking at me as I got out of the water. My posture and 'tude was, "yeah, that's right, bitches, I can SURF". Lame? Absurd? I don't care. I bought a pint of Stone Ale to let the air out of my swollen ego, drove home, jabbered absurdly to my wife about my stoke.

    Thanks Firewire for the POTATONATOR!!!!!!
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    ha awesome!! thanks for sharing. Truly appreciated. I'll send this one around internally!!