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potatonator, replace Sweet Potato & Spitfire ?

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  • potatonator, replace Sweet Potato & Spitfire ?

    What size should I get if I wantet to replace a 5'4 Sweet Potato and 5'8 Spitfire ? And would it be the same size if I was to keep them both and just add a Potatonator ?

    The thing about the sweet potato is that it work great in small waves or waves that are really soft... the spifire works great once the waves have a bit more punch in them, would probably work better in weak surf if I had the 5'10. This winter have been a mix of good and bad surf, and quite a lot of onshore wind.... and I've ended up using the Sweet Potato more than I would like to. Been thinking about going back to a 2 board quiver, and that my Alternator and a Potatornator would be a good combo (maybe swap the alternator for somthing else as well).

    The 5'8 Potatonator would have plenty of volume, but if I wantet it to perform as good as the Sweet Potato should I go for the 5'10 (almost same volume as my 5'4 SP) ? Or maybe it's a bit like the Sweet Potato, and does not work well if you go too big ?

    what do you think ?

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    Imo definitely I think for a good surfer the pnator can definitely work in knee to thigh waves. I think for an intermediate the sp is still very helpful in that wave range and the Dom/spit helps the same level surfer become a more advanced rider in good chest to head+ surf. I know both boards have really improved my surfing tremendously so much so that In good waves my level has improved to intermediate/advanced. But If I could only have two boards in my quiver I would keep the pnator and hellfire. Right now the pnator covers me in fun thigh high to chest . Hf takes over of its a solid chest high swell. I'm still a huge fan of both my Dom and sp and both have a place in my quiver. However If push came to shove I could survive quite well with the pnator and hf. I think with more time and progression I could see myself surfing the pnator in knee to thigh junk. Right now the sp still helps me surf those conditions well.


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      I'd go 508 PN at the most Erling. Sounds like a sensible quiver adjustment if you want to scale down. Bet you end up buying something else though, that's what I always end up doing...


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        I was thinking of get rid of my potato as well and maybe getting a potatonator. Too early to tell as I want to surf that potato a little more.


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          Bumper: how much do you weigh and what size are your boards ?

          prjwebb: Hard to find the perfect quiver.... if there only could be more waves so I could stop thinking of all the new boards I want ;) ... you've sold the Sub scorcher and got a new Mini-diver on the way ?
          was thinking of selling my alternator as well... I don't like how easy the RF get dings... I surf a lot of rocky points where it's quite easy to ding the board on the way in or out, so I prefer FST. Do you think the Mini-driver could be a good replacement or should I look at the hellfire/hellrazor, or maybe even a new alternator.... 6'2 with pintail maybe.... ?

          Hwork50: with summer and a lot of crappy waves on the way the SP will be good to have... I won't change my quiver yet, at fall maybe, the potatonator haven't hit Europe yet anyway. Just ordered a new set of fins for the SP: Info fins: Controllers, with FCS tabs... hope they give the board even more speed and drive in really crappy waves :)


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            Yeah Sub is gone, Mini on the way. If you can wait until September time I'll post some feedback once I get it. I think it'll cover a lot of conditions though.
            Almost got a HZ, they look real fun too.


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              Between 180 and 185. I'm riding the 6'0. It seems fine. I ride a 6'2 dom. To me the pnator can definietly grovel even here in nj. I go out in anything so the sp helps out but if u surf waves with more size and consistency the pnator will def be your small to medium eave board. I had a great session a couple of weeks ago in thigh to waist punchy groundswell. The board went unbelievably well and it was only my second session for that matter. If I had to keep two boards it would be my pnator and hf no doubt and I would actually be fine with only the two. If something happened to my Dom or sp I problably wouldn't replace either board. Hope I don't have to go down that road though.