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  • Potatonator vs. Dom


    Looking for some advice on wether to buy a potatonator. I currently have a 54 sweet potato and a 510 Dom. I LOVE the SP, but want a bit more performance out of it. I like the 58 potatonator, but I feel it might be too similar to the Dom.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated...


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    I think it depends on how proficient u r with the Dom. I took out my pnator today in fun fast chest to stomach peaks And it was very very fun. I don't think my dom would have surfed as well for me. In chest to head I prefer my dom. Not sure I'd want to take the pnator out in shoulder high fast waves. I think the pnator will actually take time away from my fish and sp which I was using 60 to 70 % of the time. I love my do buy I think the pnator surfs waist + waves a bit better and more aggressively. I'll take the so out in really small gutless waves. Now for better surfers I'm sure the Dom will perform well in waist+ waves but I just havnt made it work in small to medium size waves. The pnator fits my ability level and wave type perfectly.


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      Typo. My do buy should be I love my sp but.....


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        One more point. I think the pnator could replace a sp for someone who is very proficient in knee to waist waves. I still need the sp for those waves. With more time and improved sufing on the pnator I could see it replacing the sp but I love the sp too much to ever give it up.


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          SDsurf, I'm currently buying a potatonator (on order) to work between my Sweet P & my Spit!

          I enjoy the sweet P when the waves are small, a bit full or slow! I'm getting the PN for when its small but fast & hollow.

          Once the wave gets a bit bigger, say 3-4' I'll bust out the spit or Hellfire for more performance in the good stuff!

          I suggest you read Cuttlefishes brilliant thread in this forum headed "Potatonator small wave assasinator" to get an idea of how this board works in small waves!

          Hope it works out for you, enjoy!


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            I have had a 508 Dominator and a 504 Sweet Potato and have found that my 508 Potatonator really worked well and took over a lot of the waves i would surf either of those boards on. The Dominator does prefer waves with a bit of punch around the shoulder to head high range ehich my 601 Hellrazor has taken over.

            I have a 506 FST Potatonator on order to replace my 508 Potatonator as it got repaired but not relying on it to last the distance.

            After getting the Potatonator and Hellrazor I found that I wasn't surfing the SP of the Dom as much or even at all.

            The Potatonator is 70% Dominator and 30% Sweet Potato and i found that the 508 Potatonato actually seemed to paddle better than the 504 SP.


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              Great! Makes me want to try one.


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                I'm definitely in the same boat fazza. I don't take my Dom out now unless it's a solid chest + swell and the sp only comes out in small conditions. I am taking my hellfire out more and more when its four foot + though. Yesterday was thigh high but clean and fun and the sp rocked. The pnator still would have worked well though on the better waves that came through. It's a very versatile board. It went mental sat in good 2 to 4 foot waves i think an intermediate and above surfer could get away with a pnator / hellfire quiver. I enjoy having a variety of boards though. I would never give up either the Dom or the sp especially the sp. once I get dialed in on the hf I'll go back to the Dom. Took out the hf thurs in solid stomach and it worked surprisingly well. Havnt taken it out in anything under five feet. Still a a bit of a different feel than the Dom.


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                  Hey SDSURF. It will definitely be an overlap between the POTATONATOR and DOM somehow at that size. The dilemma here is that the potatonator sits right between both boards. In your case I will take into consideration what are your local conditions. If waves usually don't go over shoulder high I would go for the Potatonator/SP , but if occasionally you get into bigger conditions, then I will keep the DOM/SP
                  I have been in your situation before where is not wether or not you need it, but you want it. I have not many vices (no drinking,smoking etc) but when it comes to sports equipment I don't think it twice. The potatonator looks like quite a small wave performer. I do have one ordered 5'8" that is supposed to arrive around July (just in time for my bday).


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                    well said everyone. Fazza completely agree with your assessment of the Potatonator