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    coming from the biggest board whore on FW! haha.....

    i spoke to club champ shredder about the SKX and he found it a bit grabby at times, coming out of his air reverses! I think that is something we will never have a problem with🙃


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      Rode my SKX yesterday and day before for the first time in 2 months, yesterday was blown out 1-2 foot, can’t draw any conclusions from that surf as it really was so crap in the water (but a nice swim). The day earlier, it was 2-3 foot and despite being super crowded Xmas waves managed to grab a couple of gems. It is a very different board to my others in that if you are planing on the wave face it absolutely flies (and I gave it a go as a quad which I think made it even faster) but then engage the rail and it really bites in and gives quite a bit of control on speed depending on how hard you push. I think that must have been tomos intention with the board, to give Stu the ability to use the rail as a bit of a brake and wash speed off plus do those massive gouging hacks, early days but I am enjoying feeling it out. Makes me think I need to try an evo as well for a comparo, if my vortex dies I think there could be a helium evo in my future!


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        yeah, nice report monty, i think Tomo noticed the sci fi under Stus feet being a bit hard to really set a rail and gouge a power turn, so the skx had some sci fi genes with much more control, if they made a huge one i would like to try it but i think i am going in to 'cruiser' mode on my chumlee atm (and loving it).
        Helium evo will be insane.


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          Nice report Monty! And Keith, I didn’t buy plenty of the new shapes 2017, just some ;)))). But I know this helium / must have / what might be the board in that tech feeling having looked at Dom’s, SFes etc come out in helium....I even didn’t buy a helium stubby bastard ...


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            HN...SKX? I think you are mistaking me for someone who can surf! I'm nearly ready to start swinging the sea axe!.......😀

            All you groms talking about stubby bastards, I think I should find a longboard forum......people used to rave about the addvance in the old days.
            Where has cuttlefish gone?......haha.

            Still frothing for new shapes in 2018.......but I think I have found "the one"......for now at least, I'm taking after Fitchy and his one board quiver.


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              The HN packs volume :) at least following the xtr homepage. And thanks to Dan Mann no one is forced to go minimal (though a sea axe appears like finely chiselled craft alongside typical minimals, so no offence). And in the old days many posts went to flexfires, MBs and other HP stuff I can’t ride, advance reserved to the FW starter kit. Anyways, curious what they’ll bring this year and when and how .... despite my full quiver...
              And: happy new year all of ya !


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                i have a mate with an xtr hydronaut, loves it. i would only surf hollow overhead waves about 10% of the time i surf and i am not a regular on the north shore.

                i think you finally might have it covered apache, i think gamma and evo being very good aquisitions.

                and i hope your 2018 is wave filled.