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    I'm intertested in picking up a potatonator for this summer but not sure what size to get. I'm 5'9 155lbs and will be riding it in some small stuff in Virginia Beach and Outer Banks. I'm thinking a 5'4 or 5'6. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    hey east coast,
    I think you could easily make arguments for both, but I am inclined to say that you might prefer the 504 so long as you are competent and comfortable riding something that short.

    For the sake of discussion, what else do you ride??
    Also what conditions are you looking to address most?



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      Thanks for the reply Chris!

      Right now I ride a 5'9 Lost Stealth FST and that is perfect for me in waist high and up. I'm looking for a small wave groveler/fish type board for like knee-waist high waves... very common in my neck of the woods.


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        On the same boat Eastcoast. Had i mind on a 5'6" and now Chris is suggesting the 5'8" (165cms, 85Kgs)
        Buddy the sweet potato is a blast for the East Coast. Comes in the trunk of the car every time we go to Ogunquit. Suc a fun little thing to ride and you will be surprised how much you ca squeeze out of absolute junk


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          hey east coast,
          in waves that size, i think the sweet potato is going to be a bit better and will go better on more days. That being said, if you are a competent surfer, there is no reason the potatonator wouldn't work for you, its just a slightly different dynamic and takes a little more work. that being said, it really does well in small stuff, i would just prefer it in slightly bigger/steeper surf than my potato.



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            what size potatonator. I ride a 5'2 SP when it's shin to waist high and ride a 5'8 hellfire for waist high and above. need to know what size potatonator to get. I'm looking at the 5'4 or 5'6. I'm 5'8 170 lbs, intermediate/advanced surfer. looking to ride it in thigh to chest high waves on east coast florida.


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              506 would be my pick and i'm on similar boards to you