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Do I Sell SP and Get PN ???

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  • Do I Sell SP and Get PN ???

    Here we Go
    I currently have a 5'6" SP which I enjoy and it has definitely increased my wave count but should I sell and get a potatonator ???????????????

    I weigh in at 85-88kg and am probably a beginner or aspiring intermediate surfer in mid 30s who only has the option of a one board quiver.
    Surf mainly in 1-5' range probably most commonly in 2' 3' surf at 13th beach and janjuc.
    Getting the opertunity to surf can be sporadic at times.

    So all you lucky bastards who have both a SP & NP, which board is your go to board and why?
    which do you find paddles and catch's waves with the most ease?

    Then of course which size potatonator a 5'10 or up to a 6' for that extra paddle and wave catch ability?

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    Hey Danski,
    My take is you probably will get more waves on the potato. Its a bit easier to paddle and is more stable in the small stuff. There are befits to both, but if you are sporadically getting in the water, i am inclined to tell you to stick with the board that will get you more waves.

    That being said, I think a lightly oversized Potatonator will be a bit more versatile and user friendly so its worth considering. Logistically speaking though, i think I would suggest you just work on the potato and get that boards dialed then move to the Potatonator after you develop a little more ability...



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      Cheers Chris.

      Looking to get a chance to demo a 5'10 PN, just to get a feel for it.

      Noticed on another thread some advice to head towards a Dom for a better board to improve surfing and ability.

      I'm After any advice really
      I just want to get better quicker and get more waves and wave time.
      So any advice on what board/boards (possible 2 board quiv)might be worh getting would be appreciated.

      Did have a 6'4" afterburner but was too performancey and probably a bit low in volume for my weight
      now got the SP and its good but not sure if it's that suited to all the surf I've been taking it in. and is a little tricky to get it dialed.

      Cheers heaps.



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        In my opinion both boards will help you get better because they are versatile and easy to ride. I think t he best choice is going to be a function of the wave type that you are in most. If you are stuck in really small stuff with the occasional good day, the potatonator and a hellfire might make a really good two board quiver, while the dominator might be the choice for a 1 board quiver.

        at 2-3 foot mush being your most common condition, the potatonator seems to be the call as the first board with another more performance board coming down the road...

        I would however advise that you start with something other than the potato. that is too dramatic of a shape to really get started. look in that direction a little down the road.