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Looking to go smaller from a 6-10 Addvance

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  • Looking to go smaller from a 6-10 Addvance

    185-190lbs 35 yrs 6-0 good/excellent shape/ beginner-intermediate to intermediate long island ny
    looking to get a smaller board for this region, which consists mostly of beach breaks that suck up, top to bottom when it gets good.
    it gets good here in the winter and usually have a 5mm suit on(20lbs extra), with the extra weight.( i have experience in head high to double, but it's a rare event and only happens here like 6 times if its perfect)

    currently ride a 6-10 addvance and love it, but I feel like the length is working against me when I need to make quick bottomturns or getting into the wave early enough, when the waves pump. Plus i think im still closer to begginner/inter skill level because I still am not doinG cutbacks and can only go off the lip and re-entry when the waves have good power(ribboning on a face is not a problem).
    i was sold on the SF but now that i want to learn to turn more and go top to bottom on a decent face more, instead of blasting down the line, I have been looking at the potatonator,and the BP because it seem to progressivly teach you to go all over the wave more, which is what i want!. wave count is a priority , but I want to Advance from my addvance. I realize the SF would be a great all rounder, but I am seeing suggested volumes in 45L range and i think 6-6, or 6-8 just seem to be too much volume and length for me. that is what im trying steer away from. I have gotten up on my moms 6-0 glassed in double fin high volume board so I know i have the ability to be stable on a shorter length. However, being undergunned is an issue if the surf get over the potatonator's suggested range. i hope I am making some sense. I love my Addvance and it is my Mule. i take it everywhere now and leave my longboards collecting dust now. i just feel like the high vol long length might be a hinderance now.

    BOTTOM LINE: I just want to get better, please help guys....thanks!

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    At your weight, height and fitness I think you should be thinking 6'0" or 6'2" SF max - forget what the volume calculator is telling you as if you are typing in an age of 35 it will be adding 5-10L more than what you need (provided you really are paddle fit). The SF has more turning performance than the other two boards you mentioned which are orientated more towards grovelling type waves and won't handle steeper faces as well as the SF. If the waves are quite sucky as you mention, UB at 6'2" could also be an option but if you want more of an all rounder for 1'-4' HAW size waves I would go the SF personally.


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      Thanks Monty. A concern of mine is the added weight of the heavy rubber in the winter. My pal, who pointed me in the direction of firewire boards, told me 6-8. that's overkill. I was thinking considering harsh conditions and heavy paddling, with added weight, in the dead of winter, I should not go over 6-4 at the most. I just don't want to outgrow it too quickly, and Less volume+less length means more control when turning into the pocket.

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      I haven't surfed in really think wetsuit with hoodie and booties etc. but I am surfing a 6'4" SF in a 3/2 wettie here in Sydney at the moment, I'm 205lbs though which is why I was saying to go shorter based on your weight being lighter than me. For what it is worth I would probably go a 6'2" SF if buying brand new now that I have improved a bit, but even if you do go the 6'4" it will turn heaps better than the Advance so I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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    I have both the 6' 10" Addvance and 6' Potatonator, I love both. I don't get to surf a lot (location) and I not an expert.

    I love the Addvance and ride it when i've not surfed in a while, or the surf is crap (or massive for stability).

    However, on a recent trip to Sri Lanka i had surfed enough to switch to the Potatonator, no problems, and it's my favourite board, I also have a SP but for me the Potatonator works in way more conditions. It catches waves easy and is more fun that the Addvance as turning is more fun.

    40 and 185lbs.


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      we don't get doh waves here... maybe once every 5 years on li... get a potatonator... its a great board for li... handles the low end a lot better then the sf and can handle the fun shoulder high days as well and you'll be catching more waves as well.. had a dom years ago and it was fine but wasn't great on the low end which is what we surf most of the time anyways.. imo the baked/sweet do not fit the waves here well.. had a sweet but sold it.. unless its a high tide mushy break it wasn't all that great.. i guess it all depends on where u surf but even when its small my break is still punchy and hollow